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Peru - Puno, Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos, Pucallpa and Cajamarca

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Anything is possible in Peru, from jungle adventures in the Amazon to sandboarding down some of the biggest sand dunes in the world in Ica. Ancient cultures can be seen and experienced including the Nazca Lines and the city of Cusco (The City of the Inca). Great surfing can be done in the northern coast areas where many beaches including Mancora are located. Visit Cajamarca and the rock formations at Cumbemayo, see the Machu Picchu of the north called Kuelap near Chachapoyas and the Peruvian Amazon!

I have spent a lot of time in Peru, in the country at least 15 times now. I have visited Cusco 3 times in 2008 and 2011 and have travelled up and down the coast from north to south and back in 2009 for over 2 weeks. I also did a 5 day dash up the coast from south to north in 2010. In 2011 I spent 5 weeks traveling the mountains from the north of Peru all the way down to the south. In 2012 I again travelled from south to north. In 2014 I spent time in Lima and Tacna. 2015 the journey from Tacna to Desaguadero, 2016 the Peruvian Amazon and 2019 Arequipa, Puno and Puerto Maldonado! There is more I want to see in Peru in the future. Here are my experiences and story.
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Sandoval Lake Nature Tour & Tambopata Butterflies - Puerto Maldonado

 » photoset (65 photos) « Puerto Maldonado like Iquitos is a great destination in Peru for exploring and enjoying the Amazon. Puerto Maldonado is somewhat remote (unless you fly) being in the south-eastern part of Peru, 478kms by road east of Cusco and 604kms by road north of Puno. More   date: April 2019
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Fast Boat To The Border At Leticia / Tabatinga - Iquitos to Santa Rosa

 » photoset (34 photos) « Iquitos proved to be a fantastic place to explore the Amazon jungle on foot, to enjoy nature, wildlife and all the little creatures I found hiding among the leaves! Time now to get back to Colombia where I live. This would be my 5th river journey in the Amazon, but my 1st in a fast boat, the others were in the slower more laidback ferries! I bought a ticket for the fast boat to Santa Rosa in central Iquitos just down from the main plaza for $150 Soles ($45USD) for an early exit at 6:30am, it's a 9hr ride at an average speed of 55-65kmsph. More   date: October 2016
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Welcome To The Jungle and Rainforest - Iquitos

 » photoset (61 photos) « Arriving in AND leaving Iquitos by plane on the same trip is just plain wrong! You absolutely must arrive here OR leave by RIVER! Otherwise you miss so much! You come to Iquitos for as much of an Amazon experience as you can get, this was my thinking! And the river of course is a major part of a real Amazon and jungle experience. More   date: October 2016
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Taking A Ferry 3 Days 2 Nights - Yurimaguas to Iquitos

 » photoset (74 photos) « After a couple of weeks of traveling the Amazon by road, I finally came to the end of the road in Yurimaguas, the only option was to continue by river! This would be my 4th journey by river in the Amazon Rainforest, but my first in Peru. The other trips were in Brazil. More   date: October 2016
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Going To Yurimaguas For A Ferry To Iquitos - Tarapoto to Yurimaguas

 » photoset (25 photos) « The last stretch of road in north / east peru that connects to the rest of the country runs to Yurimaguas from Tarapoto. From Yurimaguas it's all down river baby! This ride from Tarapoto to Yurimaguas takes 2hrs on a winding paved road and goes through a heavily forested area (the Cordillera Escalera), make sure you eat well like I didn't. More   date: October 2016
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Jungle Tours & The Only Castle In The Amazon - Tarapoto and Lamas

 » photoset (54 photos) « Tarapoto is a place to enjoy jungle tours, waterfalls, lagoons and to visit the nearby town of Lamas (the folklore capital of the Peruvian Amazon) and its famous castle. I came to Tarapoto for a number of reasons actually. I planned to head north from Tarapoto to Yurimaguas to take a ferry to Iquitos. More   date: October 2016, August 2021
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Road Notorious For Bandits & Robberies - Tingo Maria to Tarapoto

 » photoset (103 photos) « From the photos, the journey between Tingo Maria and Tarapoto looks like a pleasant drive through the jungle and cloud forest, which it is, but it could have been much different! This road is notorious for bandits and robberies and is known as one of the most dodgy routes in Peru. More   date: October 2016
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Birds & Wildlife At Lake Yarinacocha In The Amazon - Pucallpa

 » photoset (72 photos) « In the middle of Peru, deep towards the eastern side in the Amazon on the banks of the Ucayali River sits the city of Pucallpa. A rugged and busy little town full of mototaxis at every turn. I came to Pucallpa from Tingo Maria, a 4-5hr journey through the jungle by shared co-op car. More   date: September 2016
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4hrs 20mins By Car (248kms) - Pucallpa to Tingo Maria

 » photoset (58 photos) « The road between Pucallpa and Tingo Maria takes you for a 248km ride through the Amazon jungle. I enjoyed this journey in both directions, along the way getting to see slices of life and glimpses into how the people live in the Amazon. The road is mostly in good condition but there are problems in a couple of places and may require waiting for roadworks around the Aguaytia River. More   date: September 2016
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The National Park Is 15mins From Town - Tingo Maria

 » photoset (61 photos) « On the surface Tingo Maria looks and feels just like another small busy and crazy Peruvian town with a million mototaxis buzzing up and down the streets, but after discovering the area around the city and getting a better sense of its location as a major junction between various other cities, you may find Tingo Maria to be quite a special place. More   date: September 2016
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Kotosh - Temple Of The Crossed Hands - Huanuco

 » photoset (54 photos) « A quick 35min flight from Lima brought me up to Huanuco in the mountains at just under 2kms above sea level. I chose Huanuco as the place I would make my way down to the Peruvian Amazon from. Huanuco is known for its climate of warm days and cool nights, the temple of Kotosh, the old Calicanto stone bridge and the San Sebastian church. More   date: September 2016
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There's A Lot To Love About This City - Cusco

 » photoset (79 photos) « Cusco is a great town for nightlife, clubs, bars, restaurants and of course, the place to book your Machu Picchu tour! Cusco is not the be all and end all of Peru however, but being in the highlands it is a more beautiful place than perhaps the coastal cities are. More   date: April 2008, October 2008, September 2011
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City Tour & How To Stay Safe In The Capital - Lima

 » photoset (65 photos) « In 2014 I spent 2 days in Lima and had a great time exploring the city without any problems although I was warned a few times to be careful with my camera and of course after my 2009 experience I was very careful with taxis. I arrived first thing in the morning on a flight from Bogota (Colombia) and walked to a hostel about 1km from the airport. More   date: Apr 2009, Jun 2009, May 2010, Aug 2011, Jun 2012, Apr 2014, Nov 2017, Feb 2021
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Boat Tour Of Islands - Islas Ballestas, Paracas & Pisco

 » photoset (65 photos) « I arrived in Pisco at about 5am from Lima which was a 3hr journey south. From the bus I was hussled by mototaxis for a ride into the center of Pisco. The buses drop passengers on the Pan-American highway because the road into Pisco is currently (2009) inaccessible to buses because of the earthquake in 2007. More   date: April 2009, May 2009
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Sandboarding The Sand Dunes In An Oasis - Huacachina / Ica

 » photoset (34 photos) « I travelled from Pisco to Ica by bus and took a short taxi ride to Huacachina to stay by the oasis and go sandboarding on the huge sand dunes. I found a great hostel with a pool and bar and outside area with a bunch of macaw as pets that sat and flew around the garden. More   date: April 2009
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Alien Mummy, Nazca Lines, Geoglyphs & Aqueducts - Nazca

 » photoset (29 photos) « NEWS: In July 2017 alien mummies were uncovered in a tomb in Nazca!I have been to many places in Peru more than once and Nazca is one such place. I do different things each time I pass through. Once when I arrived in Nazca from Ica, at the bus terminal I was approached immediately by people offering accommodation and tours to the Nazca lines. More   date: April 2009, May 2010, June 2012
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A Good Place To Get Used To Altitude (2300 Meters) - Arequipa

 » photoset (47 photos) « I have visited Arequipa three times now, in 2009, 2012 and 2019. Arequipa is reminiscent in some ways of Cusco and is known as the white city because of its many beautiful white buildings. One of the highlights in the city is the beautiful Plaza de Armas - a big wide open plaza with palm trees, grass areas, flowers, fountain, pigeons and people enjoying the sun. More   date: April 2009, June 2012, January 2019
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The Floating Reed Islands Of The Uros People - Puno

 » photoset (70 photos) « Puno is a pleasant port city in a beautiful setting and is the gateway to Lake Titicaca. The central city area between the 2 main plazas is the nicest part of the city to stay and has many shops, hotels, restaurants and tour agencies. Explore the streets around the center for lower prices and interesting surprises. More   date: April 2009, September 2011, January 2019
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A Day Trip From Cusco By Train, 4hrs Each Way - Machu Picchu

 » photoset (14 photos) « I went on a day trip to Machu Picchu on the train, it took about 4hrs each way from Cusco and cost $105USD for everything included except the entrance ticket to the ruins. There was a group of us with a guide to talk about and explain things. When we arrived, from the train station we got on a bus that drove us up to the top of the mountain which took about 20 minutes. More   date: April 2008
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A Surreal Day Trip - San Pedro Journeys

 » photoset (14 photos) « I and a small group of 4 others went up into the mountains overlooking Cusco to a special place to drink San Pedro, the day trip cost $70USD. We had an amazing experience which lasted about 10-12 hours. I can't really explain it, but it was very surreal. More   date: October 2008
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2 Hours In A Co-op Taxi Van Beside Lake Titicaca - Puno to Yunguyo

 » photoset (28 photos) « From Puno I wanted to go to Copacabana on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. I have spent a few days at Copacabana on 3 occasions. On my first trip I came here from La Paz in the south, the other times from Puno in the north. One time by mistake from Puno I got on the wrong bus which was going to Desaguadero on the other side of the lake from Copacabana instead of a bus to Yunguyo. More   date: April 2009, September 2011
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A Straightforward Border Crossing - Chile Border to Tacna

 » photoset (6 photos) « From the bus and taxi terminal in Arica in northern Chile I took a collective taxi across the border to Tacna in southern Peru. It was the end of the day and the Peruvian people who come over the border each day to sell their products in Chile were packing up at the terminal and getting buses back into Peru. More   date: May 2009, May 2010, May 2014, Dec 2019
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Travel Junction, The Gateway To Chile - Tacna

 » photoset (16 photos) « 2015 I came through Tacna this year on a flight from Lima so to get from Tacna to Desaguadero on the border of Bolivia which took 6hrs 15mins in a shared van. We passed through Moquegua, a place I had visited a few years earlier. Tacna is very much a travel junction, north, south or east! 2014 I came through Tacna twice this year, once when I passed through heading south on my way to Arica Chile and then on the way back stopping to spend a few hours walking around taking some more photos before a flight north to Lima. More   date: May 2009, May 2010, May 2014, Sep 2015, Dec 2019
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Junction To Desaguadero, Tacna & Arequipa - Moquegua

 » photoset (20 photos) « 2010: I turned up in Moquegua after leaving Arica in Chile in the middle of the day. Firstly the border crossing into Peru to Tacna bus terminal by co-op taxi. Then from Tacna by bus for about 150kms to Moquegua. I chose to visit Moquegue simply because I had already stayed in Tacna, Camana and Arequipa a year before. More   date: May 2010, Sep 2015
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A Good Place To Spend A Night To Break The Journey - Camana

 » photoset (12 photos) « I was glad to arrive in Camana after a not so pleasant bus ride from Tacna, it took about 9hrs and I was in desperate need of some soup. I asked a few restaurants if they served soup and they all kept telling me the same name of a place where I could get some. More   date: May 2009
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Beach, Surfing & Chan Chan - Huanchaco / Trujillo

 » photoset (53 photos) « In Trujillo and nearby Huanchaco there is a lot to see and do. Trujillo has a fantastic historical center with at least a dozen notable churches worth checking out. Trujillo's main square - the Plaza de Armas is quite spectacular to see with colorful buildings surrounding it, the cathedral and flower gardens. More   date: June 2009
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Surfing Beach & Horse Riding On The North Coast - Mancora

 » photoset (20 photos) « I arrived in Mancora at 11pm from Trujillo, stepped out of the taxi-van and was immediately hounded by 4 mototaxi drivers asking if I needed accommodation and that they knew of a good place. All talking at the same time. I chose one to take me for a short ride to a cheap crash pad by the beach which cost only 15 Soles ($5USD) per night. More   date: June 2009, June 2012
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8 People In a Taxi - Ecuador (Macara) to Sullana to Piura

 » photoset (4 photos) « Exiting Macara in Ecuador for Peru is straightforward, you can get your exit stamp at the border, walk across the bridge and get your entry stamp for Peru on the other side. Once this is done there are co-op taxis waiting here to take you to Sullana which is about 130kms away. More   date: June 2009
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Port Town, Not A Bad Place At All - Chimbote

 » photoset (21 photos) « In 2012 I returned to Chimbote and stayed a couple of nights. I got to know the city a lot better and saw some more sights. The same friend from my first trip showed me around. I was fortunate to be here on a weekend of festivities and watched a couple of shows in the plaza beside the sea during my stay. More   date: June 2009, June 2012
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4hrs 30mins To Travel 248kms By Bus - Nazca to Chincha Alta

 » photoset (17 photos) « I left Nazca in the early afternoon up to Ica and at the bus terminal hopped on a bus to Chincha Alta arriving in the late afternoon. This was the next place I had decided to stay on my 4 day dash up the coast of Peru from south to north. From Nazca to Chincha Alta is 248kms and it takes 4hrs 30mins by bus. More   date: May 2010
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22hrs On A Bus Up The Coast - Chincha Alta to Piura

 » photoset (19 photos) « I left Chincha Alta after lunch on a bus up to Lima and then took another bus north during the night up to Chiclayo and then took another bus to Piura. This part of my dash up the Peruvian coast from south to north would take 22hrs from leaving Chincha Alta to arriving in Piura. More   date: May 2010
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286kms In A Passenger Van Up To The Border - Piura to Tumbes

 » photoset (16 photos) « I arrived in Piura for a 3rd time but this time to stay the night, the other 2 times I was just passing through. This was part of my 4 day dash up the coast of Peru from south to north. I had just spent 22hrs traveling all the way up from Chincha Alta south of Lima and this was where I would have a rest for the night. More   date: June 2009, May 2010, June 2012
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Border Crossing From Ecuador To Peru - La Balsa to San Ignacio

 » photoset (14 photos) « Of the 3 border crossings I have done between Peru and Ecuador, La Balsa is the most remote and isolated, but it's scenic, adventurous and fun. I came from Zumba after being in Vilcabamba in Ecuador and travelled 1hr down to Pucapamba at the border, then did passport formalities and walked over the bridge across the Rio Blanco to La Balsa. More   date: August 2011
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7hrs 30mins An All Day Mission, Hectic - San Ignacio to Chachapoyas

 » photoset (14 photos) « The journey from San Ignacio to Chachapoyas takes most of the day, 7hrs and 30mins in total. The first 3hrs to Jaen, another 1hr 30mins to Bagua Grande and another 3hrs to reach Chachapoyas. It is a nice trip through low-altitude forest and jungle regions where crop fields are separated by rows of palm trees. More   date: August 2011
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Explore Kuelap Ruins & Hike To Gocta Falls - Chachapoyas

 » photoset (29 photos) « I came to Chachapoyas from the north the first time and from Moyobamba the second time. It's one of the more isolated cities in northern Peru away from the coast up in the mountains 2235m above sea. Chachapoyas is home to the ancient civilization 'the People of the Clouds' who fought the Inca from Kuelap - the amazing fortress high up in the mountains. More   date: August 2011, August 2021
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6hrs To Travel 143kms - Leymebamba to Celendin

 » photoset (20 photos) « The bus left Chachapoyas at 6am, it would take 9 more hours to reach Celendin and a further 3hrs to get to Cajamarca by early evening. We arrived in Leymebamba at 8:20am and stopped for about 30mins for breakfast. I had a walk through the town of Leymebamba and had a quick look around, it is a lovely little place with a stone church, narrow streets and tiled-roof houses. More   date: August 2011
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Cumbemayo Is A Must See! - Cajamarca

 » photoset (76 photos) « Cajamarca is a place full of history, it's a beautiful city in the northern Andes, a city full of indigenous locals wearing white hats, the place where the Inca Empire came to its demise. The city has plenty of old churches, monuments and statues, plazas, parks and markets. More   date: August 2011
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Lagoons, The Outdoors & Extraordinary Beauty - Cajabamba

 » photoset (27 photos) « I travelled on a beautiful day from Cajamarca to Cajabamba, it takes 3hrs 30mins for the 125km journey. I enjoyed very much the countryside and landscapes along the way - red rock mountain sides, pastures and farmland. We passed through the small towns of Namora and San Marcos before arriving in Cajabamba where I spent the next 2 nights. More   date: August 2011
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Marcahuamachuco Ruins At 3600 Meters - Huamachuco

 » photoset (80 photos) « I could not have been more lucky with the timing of my arrival in Huamachuco, it was the Thursday before a weekend of celebrations for the festival called Feria Patronal - Homenaje Santisima Virgen de la Alta Gracia, the 458th aniversary of Huamachuco! I hadn't planned to stay more than a couple of days in Huamachuco but decided to change that and stay until Monday. More   date: August 2011
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20hrs By Bus Glad To Be Alive - Huamachuco to Caraz

 » photoset (23 photos) « The best way to describe the journey from Huamachuco to Caraz in the highlands is 'pure hell'. In total it took around 20hrs in crappy buses on the most roughest of unsealed roads that weaved around cliffs with sheer drops of 100 meters or more. It took 2 and a half days to complete. More   date: August 2011
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Destroyed By The Great Peruvian Earthquake 1970 - Yungay & Caraz

 » photoset (62 photos) « had spent the previous 2 and a half days traveling over some very rugged terrains from Huamachuco in the north to get to Caraz. I was tired and ready to spend a couple of days taking it easy. I found a nice little hotel just half a block from the Plaza de Armas, it's a beautiful plaza and park with a fountain, gardens and tall trees. More   date: August 2011
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Tours Offer Trekking To High Altitude Mountains - Huaraz

 » photoset (21 photos) « Trekking, trekking, trekking, this is the principal reason to visit Huaraz, the Callejon de Huaylas has the highest snow-capped mountain peaks in Peru. The city of Huaraz itself is at an altitude of 3100m, the peaks of the Callejon de Huaylas are over 6000m above sea level. More   date: August 2011
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Hiking Tour In The Huaytapallana Mountains - Huancayo

 » photoset (32 photos) « I came to Lima from Huaraz to get to Huancayo. I made my way by taxi to the bus at Terminal Terrestre in Lima and bought a ticket for around $30 Soles ($10USD), it would be an 8hr trip. The first hour of the trip was through the smog climbing up and out of Lima, gradually the sky became clear and blue and the air cleaner. More   date: August 2011
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City Of 30+ Churches, Region Known For Folk Handicrafts - Ayacucho

 » photoset (63 photos) « Ayacucho is definitely the most underrated and undervisited city by tourists and backpackers in Peru. I had come to Ayacucho on an 8hr bus from Huancayo through some amazing terrains and landscapes. 40 minutes out of Huancayo the distance to Ayacucho is 223kms, Huancavelica 111kms and Izcuchaca 33kms, during this time we passed through Huancan with its pretty plaza and church and 2 other small churches in the countryside. More   date: August 2011
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See The Famous Sunday Market Of The Apurimac Region - Andahuaylas

 » photoset (47 photos) « Andahuaylas was the next place I wanted to visit in Peru's southern highlands. Andahuaylas is famous for its Sunday market, a huge market full of color and activity, the biggest market in South America that I have ever seen! From Ayacucho it had been an 8 and a half hour journey to get to Andahuaylas, we had passed through some brilliant and beautiful terrains including from up in the mountains - amazing views of the river Rio Pampas at Airabamba with its turquoise blue waters. More   date: August 2011
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An Easy-Going Town 4hrs From Cusco - Abancay

 » photoset (11 photos) « I enjoyed a couple of days in Abancay just walking around the city, it's a nice place and I was lucky to be here during a small festival for the local college. Abancay is known as the "valley of the white lilies" by the indigenous Quechua community. To me, Abancay felt and looked similar to Caraz, a place I had visited a few weeks earlier. More   date: August 2011

Hostel & Hotel Reviews:

  • Amaru Inca Hotel - Cusco
  • Hostal Omega - Abancay
  • Encanto de Apurimac Inn - Andahuaylas
  • Hotel Colmena - Ayacucho
  • Hospedaje H. Juniors - Ica
  • Hotel Alegria - Nazca
  • Hospedaje Mayo - Huacachina
  • Hotel Fiorella - Paracas
  • Suites Larco - Lima
  • Hostal de Los Angeles - Barranca
  • Hostal Sol de Oro - Yungay
  • Hostal Caraz - Caraz
  • Hotel Luzanty - Chimbote
  • Pompeya Hostal and Suites - Trujillo
  • Rizza Hotel - Chiclayo
  • Barza Hotel - Chota
  • Hostal Caxamarca - Cajamarca
  • Hotel Villa Madrid - Celendin
  • Hotel El Dorado - Celendin
  • Hospedaje La Congona - Leymebamba
  • Hostal Plaza - Chachapoyas
  • Hotel Karajia - Chachapoyas
  • Hospedaje Cubas - Moyobamba
  • Hospedaje Gold - Tarapoto
  • Selina Posada Miraflores - Lima
  • Hostal Victoria - Lima
  • Hotel Tony - Tacna
  • Hospedaje Oasis Inn - Puerto Maldonado
  • Hostal Ururi Stay - Puno
  • Hospedaje El Amanecer - Juliaca
  • Il Riposo Hostel - Arequipa
  • Urban House Hotel - Lima
  • Cozy Wasi Hostel - Lima
  • Lion Backpackers Bed and Breakfast - Lima
  • Hostal El Colibri - Iquitos
  • Jungle Lodge - Iquitos
  • Hostal Las Brisas del Oriente - Iquitos
  • Hotel del Peru - Iquitos
  • Hospedaje Nuevo Amanecer - Yurimaguas
  • Alojamiento La Siesta - Tarapoto
  • Residencial Rey - Tocache
  • Palacio Hotel - Tingo Maria
  • Hospedaje Diana - Pucallpa
  • Hotel Leon - Tingo Maria
  • Sosa Hotel - Huanuco
  • Jose Galvez Hotel - Huanuco
  • Hotel Malibu - Lima
  • Copacabana Hotel - Tacna
  • Manhattan Inn - Lima
  • Amazonas Hostal - Lima
  • Pay Purix Backpackers Hostel - Lima
  • Hostal Los Delfines - Chimbote
  • Hostal Terminal - Arequipa
  • Hostal Brisas - Puno
  • Tomy's Hospedaje - Cusco
  • Hospedaje Misti - Abancay
  • Hotel Libertadores Wari - Andahuaylas
  • Hotel Cental Andahuaylas - Andahuaylas
  • Hospedaje Zaragoza - Ayacucho
  • Hospedaje Aruba - Huancayo
  • Hospedaje El Chinito - Huaraz
  • Hotel San Marco - Caraz
  • The Police Station - Chuquicara
  • Hospedaje Luz Maria - Huamachuco
  • Hospedaje Gloriabamba - Cajabamba
  • Hospedaje Inkamerica - Cajamarca
  • Hotel Prado - Cajamarca
  • Kuelap Hotel - Chachapoyas
  • La Posada - San Ignacio
  • Hotel Jupiter - Moquegua
  • Hostal Posada Guadalupe - Nazca
  • Fred's Hostal - Chincha Alta
  • Hostal Vito - Piura
  • Casa de la Gringa - Cusco
  • Loki Backpacker Hostel - Cusco
  • The Point Cusco - Cusco
  • Hostal La Casa de Selenque - Cusco
  • Hostal El Cesar - Pisco
  • Hostal Rocha - Huacachina
  • Hostal Guillens - Nazca
  • Casona Blanca Hostal - Arequipa
  • Hotel Santa Maria - Juliaca (Apr 2009 - 1 night) - They said they had hot water but didn't, the bed was so bad we left at 4am in the morning and got a ride by co-op taxi-van to Puno by 4:30am.
  • Hotel Royal Inn - Tacna
  • Hostal Plaza - Camana
  • Hostal Tambo Colorado - Pisco
  • Plazza's Hotel - Huanchaco
  • Hospedaje Angeles Del Mar - Mancora
  • Chan Chan Inn - Trujillo (Jun 2009 - 1 night) - Basic and not very nice room, the bed was thin and uncomfortable and I was covered in bug bites in the morning, not recommended.

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