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Uruguay - Fray Bentos, Montevideo, Tacuarembo and Colonia del Sacramento

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The easy going nature of the Uruguayan people make Uruguay a fun place to travel. Montevideo is a city where many interesting sights can be seen! On a Friday night in Montevideo you may see couples dancing tango in the street to music. By day the old city is an amazing area to walk and wander down to the sea to view the fishermen on the wharf. On Sunday you must visit the huge market (La Feria Tristan Narvaja) and see inside the cathedral. Uruguay is also the safest country in South America to travel in.

I spent 4 days in Uruguay in 2008, I enjoyed Montevideo a lot and from here I traveled directly north to Rivera on the border of Brazil. In 2012 I returned to Uruguay for 8 days and saw some new places like Paysandu, Colonia, Mercedes and Tacuarembo. In 2013 I spent a few days in Punta del Este, Maldonado and Chuy. In 2016 I stayed in Colonia del Sacramento and spent a couple of days in Fray Bentos. In 2019 I enjoyed a 15 day trip in Uruguay all around the country including new places like Piriapolis and Punta del Diablo! I plan to return in the future and see more of this interesting country. Here are my experiences and story.
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A Quick Tour Of Both Cities Sights - Treinta y Tres / Melo

 » photoset (32 photos) « Inland heading westward from Punta del Diablo and Chuy is the city of Treinta y Tres. A simple low-rise city with a tall 45 meter obelisk (Obelisco) which was built in 1954. What is an obelisk? It's a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument made of concrete which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top - homage to the founders of the city. More   date: November 2019
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Beaches, Fun & Santa Teresa National Park - Punta del Diablo

 » photoset (36 photos) « Devil's Point known in Uruguay as Punta del Diablo is not as scary as it sounds, in fact it's a very laid back place as long as you are not here in peak season (December to February) when this small fishing and resort town is populated by about half of Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. More   date: September 2013, November 2019
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What You Should Do That I Didn't - Rocha

 » photoset (20 photos) « The Rocha Department has a lot more to offer than the city itself. The department has coast, beaches and fishing villages to explore - go to La Paloma (31kms from Rocha). The city has a few old colonial buildings and facades in the streets around the main plaza. More   date: November 2019
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Beach Resort Town With Many Things To Do & Enjoy - Piriapolis

 » photoset (24 photos) « Piriapolis is a beautiful beach and resort town backed by lush green hills and an easy day trip from Montevideo (100kms). Piriapolis is for certain a fantastic place to come and relax, enjoy water sports like jet skiing and kayaking, do hiking, horse riding, camping and sport fishing. More   date: November 2019
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Things To Do Including Museums & Thermal Pools - Salto

 » photoset (20 photos) « Entering Uruguay at Salto from Concordia in Argentina offers the opportunity to travel through the river cities southward on your way to Colonia del Sacramento or Montevideo, these cities being Paysandu, Mercedes, Fray Bentos and Carmelo. In the city there are a couple of museums worth visiting and a couple of large plazas with churches too. More   date: April 2016, November 2019
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Port City & Easy Border Crossing To Argentina - Fray Bentos

 » photoset (53 photos) « Fray Bentos is one in a string of tranquil little towns beside a river on the western side of Uruguay close to Argentina. It's near others such as Mercedes, Carmelo and Paysandu. Fray Bentos is a popular border crossing to and from Argentina, just across the international bridge to or from the city of Gualeguaychu. More   date: April 2016
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Points Of Interest Include Salvo Palace - Montevideo

 » photoset (53 photos) « Montevideo is a city I have visited 3 times now on travels over the years in Uruguay. There always seems to be new things to discover here! The city itself is full of tall historic buildings with towers and domes and interesting side streets with beautiful street art. More   date: March 2008, May 2012, November 2019
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Weather Is Best From Christmas To Late February - Punta del Este

 » photoset (55 photos) « I have visited Punta del Este (East Point) twice now. The 'point' has a distinct beach on each side, there's a calm side and a rough side. Brava Beach (Playa Brava) is where you will find the surfers riding the waves that come crashing in onto the shore. More   date: September 2013, November 2019
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Attractions Near The Border Of Argentina - Paysandu

 » photoset (30 photos) « I've visited Paysandu twice now, most recently arriving from Salto northward. The first time I crossed the border from Argentina at Colon into Uruguay at Paysandu, it is a quick 45min bus ride across the General Artigas International Bridge, passport procedures are fast and simple. More   date: May 2012, November 2019
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City Near Fray Bentos With A Beautiful River & Island - Mercedes

 » photoset (35 photos) « Mercedes is a lovely small city on the banks of the Negro River inland from the Uruguay River and the border with Argentina. Walking around Mercedes is captivating with its many eye-catching streets, colorful houses and tree-lined footpaths. Being beside the river brings a definite sense of being able to relax and take it easy, go fishing or just enjoy the peace of nature. More   date: May 2012, November 2019
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2hrs Bus (105kms) Via Dolores & Palmira - Mercedes to Carmelo

 » photoset (24 photos) « I traveled south from Mercedes to Carmelo on Route 21 which takes 2hrs (105kms). The bus passes through the small cities of Dolores and Palmira, it is a scenic journey. During the first hour to Dolores you pass many cattle farms with their windmills, tractors and rows of tall trees. More   date: May 2012, November 2019
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Riverside City With Day Tours From Buenos Aires - Carmelo

 » photoset (20 photos) « The small city of Carmelo sits on the edge of the Rio de la Plata (river), northwest of both Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo and just 2hrs by boat from Buenos Aires with Colonia Express. I have visited Carmelo twice now and unlike other semi 'off the beaten track' places in Uruguay I was able to find a reasonably priced budget hotel. More   date: May 2012, November 2019
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Easy Day Trip By Ferry From Buenos Aires - Colonia del Sacramento

 » photoset (62 photos) « The historic neighbourhood 'Barrio Historico' of Colonia del Sacramento is one of the most well-preserved old cities that I have seen in South America. I've been here 3 times now! So well-preserved and very attractive to walk around, like Cartagena in Colombia. More   date: May 2012, April 2016, November 2019
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Carlos Gardel, Birthplace Of A Tango Legend - Tacuarembo

 » photoset (22 photos) « The heart of gaucho country in northern Uruguay, Tacuarembo is also the birthplace of tango legend Carlos Gardel. On 2 occasions I have been here to explore the city and to visit the Carlos Gardel Museum in Valle Eden (Eden Valley). The first time I left Montevideo by bus north for 2hrs to Durazno. More   date: June 2012, November 2019
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Dragon's Barracks, Museums & Pink Buildings - Maldonado

 » photoset (32 photos) « I have visited Maldonado twice now, the first time just for a few hours while staying in nearby Punta del Este. The 2nd time I arrived by bus from Piriapolis (20mins) and stayed for 3 nights because the accommodation in Maldonado is cheaper than in both Punta del Este and Piriapolis. More   date: September 2013, November 2019
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Fortress At The Brazilian Border Crossing - Chuy

 » photoset (14 photos) « North to Chuy from Punta del Diablo takes just 1hr by bus. The 2nd time in Chuy I was just passing through on a bus on my way to Treinta y Tres. The first time I was on my way up to southern Brazil but first I really wanted to see the San Miguel Fort 7kms west of town (Fuerte San Miguel). More   date: September 2013, November 2019
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Ferry and Bus Combo Ticket - Buenos Aires to Montevideo

 » photoset (7 photos) « In 2008 I caught the ferry from Buenos Aires across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay and took a bus east to Montevideo. 3hrs on the ferry and 2hrs 30mins on the bus. The ferry and bus were on a combo ticket. This was during the day and the ferry and bus were full. More   date: Mar 2008, Sep 2013, Apr 2016, Nov 2019
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Free Shops Galore On The Border Of Brazil - Rivera

I came to Rivera from Montevideo which takes 6hrs by bus. The reason I came here is because I drew a straight line from Montevideo to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina during my very first trip to South America and decided to go for this direct route approach. More   date: March 2008