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Argentina - Ushuaia, Bariloche, El Bolson, Salta and Mendoza

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The first thing about Argentina that you may notice are the European influences all around you! The Argentinian people love to eat dinner after 10pm and enjoy partying until dawn. It is a great place for enjoying food, wine and nightlife! A deceptively large country, 2nd only to Brazil. There's a huge variety of places to see from the dry and rocky north around Salta to the southern snow and beauty of Bariloche and Ushuaia!

I have been in Argentina many times now, Iguazu Falls twice because it is so beautiful plus Ushuaia, Bariloche and El Bolson to name a few. In October 2017 I was in Argentina again, this time in the south. My most recent times in Argentina were in 2019 and 2021. Here are my experiences and story.
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Trekking The Spectacular Fitz Roy Trail - El Chalten

 » photoset (38 photos) « El Chalten is known as the trekking capital of Argentina, a small picturesque village surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lagoons and hiking trails. El Chalten is located 3hrs by bus north of El Calafate, 11hrs by bus south of Perito Moreno (the city) and is not far from the Chile border. More   date: November 2021
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A Day Tour To Perito Moreno Glacier - El Calafate

 » photoset (31 photos) « El Calafate in the southern Patagonia is a big tourist destination and gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, specifically Perito Moreno Glacier. El Calafate caters to all budgets, from the nicest hotels to hostels and there are some fantastic restaurants in town and other activities in nature to enjoy. More   date: November 2021
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Penguin Capital Of South America - Puerto Deseado

 » photoset (65 photos) « In the heart of the Patagonia is a hidden gem with a well-kept secret - Puerto Deseado, the penguin capital of South America! Located off the main route south (route 3) out to the east 2hrs from Fitz Roy, Puerto Deseado (a port town) is often overlooked by travelers. More   date: November 2021
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Home Of Welsh Immigrants & A Dinosaur Museum - Trelew / Gaiman

 » photoset (33 photos) « Trelew is where the Welsh immigrants came to settle in the Patagonia in the late 1800's. Trelew has nice plazas, parks, a lagoon, antique buildings and a good museum to enjoy. Trelew is the hub of wool processing in Argentina and maybe once the home of dinosaurs. More   date: November 2021
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Visit The Ship Graveyard & Jacobacci Museum - San Antonio Oeste

 » photoset (37 photos) « Just 2hrs by bus west of Viedma is the fishing port city of San Antonio Oeste. A peaceful and small place where you can walk around the bay and see shipwrecks, the museum, the beach, the lake, the coast, the port and dock. Hotels, shops and restaurants are in the streets around the central Plaza Centenario. More   date: November 2021
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Doorway Of The Patagonia Beside The River - Viedma / Patagones

 » photoset (28 photos) « The doorway of the Patagonia, Viedma and Patagones stand on opposite sides of the Negro River and as always with river cities, the river is a great attraction. Both are small and peaceful cities with sights to enjoy on each side of the river. Viedma and Patagones are 4hrs south of Bahia Blanca and 2hrs east of San Antonio Oeste. More   date: November 2021
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Popular Beach Resort City In The Summertime - Mar del Plata

 » photoset (35 photos) « Mar del Plata is Argentina's top beach resort city and is located 5hrs by bus south of Buenos Aires. The summer months bring huge crowds so book a hotel early because although there are 100's of hotels, they become full very fast. With 10kms of beaches along the coast there is summer fun for everybody in Mar del Plata with surfing, swimming and many other types of outdoor activities! The waterfront boasts some of the great sights to see in Mar del Plata including the castle / tower (Torreon del Monje) built in 1927. More   date: November 2021
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Southernmost City At The End Of The World - Ushuaia

 » photoset (85 photos) « The end of the world is closer than you think. Not that this is a bad thing because the world's southernmost city Ushuaia is a beautiful place! With the Martial snow-capped mountain ranges on one side and the waters of the Beagle Channel on the other, it's not as cold as you would expect. More   date: November 2017
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The Border Crossing - Trevelin to Futaleufu (Chile)

 » photoset (22 photos) « Getting south from El Bolson was a long waiting process because the buses are not frequent in this part of Argentina! I would have liked to have got straight to the border of Chile but that wasn't possible. Instead I had to spend a night in Esquel after arriving in the evening (3hrs bus from El Bolson) and take a local bus in the morning to Trevelin and pay a taxi to get me to the border of Chile at Futaleufu. More   date: October 2017
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Hippie Central & Feria Artesanal Crafts Market - El Bolson

 » photoset (40 photos) « The bus journey is quite spectacular between Bariloche and El Bolson with mind-blowing views of blue lakes and white snow-capped mountains on each side! There are 3 lakes and the road runs directly beside them - Lake Gutierrez, Lake Mascardi and Lake Gulleimo. More   date: October 2017
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The Road Of 7 Lakes - Villa Traful, San Martin, La Angostura

 » photoset (32 photos) « I decided in Bariloche that I would not do a tour but hire a car and do my own daytrip instead! I happened to mention this to my sole dormmate in the hostel I was staying at and he said he would also be keen to come along for the ride and share the cost. More   date: October 2017
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A Taste Of Switzerland In South America! - Bariloche

 » photoset (27 photos) « A taste of Switzerland in South America! I was glad to get to Bariloche from across the mountains in Osorno Chile (5hrs bus). There was now sunshine and I could clearly see the lakes and snow-capped mountains all around me, it had been a rainy and cloudy week during early October in Chile. More   date: October 2017
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La Boca, Tigre Boat Excursion, Zoo Visit - Buenos Aires

 » photoset (119 photos) « I arrived in Buenos Aires on my first trip to South America not knowing what to expect apart from tango dancing and cheap steak. Since then I have visited Buenos Aires many times, each occasion loving it more. The San Telmo neighborhood is a good base to explore the city and is central to many sights and activities. More   date: Mar/Jul/Oct 2008, May 2012, Sep 2013, Oct 2015, Nov 2019
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3hrs 30mins By Bus (197kms) - Salta to Cafayate

 » photoset (13 photos) « From Salta to Cafayate is 197kms, takes 3 and a half hours by bus and costs around $100 pesos. It's a great journey, especially the last 90 minutes through the Quebrada de las Conchas (ravine). The trip through the Lerma Valley (Valle de Lerma) south of Salta passes firstly through open green pastures, crop fields and cow grazing land with mountain ranges in the distance around the towns of Cerrillos and La Merced before crossing the Rio Rosario (river). More   date: April 2014
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Fantastic Day Tour to Quebrada de las Conchas - Cafayate

 » photoset (21 photos) « Cafayate is one of the special places to visit in northern Argentina, a place to get to know it's streets and to explore the amazing ravine / gorge - Quebrada de las Conchas. Cafayate has existed since around 1840 and was mainly developed in the decades after around the wine industry. More   date: April 2014
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154 Sculptures, 7 Museums and Culture - Resistencia

 » photoset (57 photos) « Argentina is a country already full of statues, monuments and busts. Restistencia is a city in the north / east that has taken this factor a step further with 154 works (mainly sculptures) commissioned and scattered throughout its parks, plazas, streets and avenues. More   date: April 2016
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Border Crossing In A Spectacular Setting - Mendoza From Santiago

 » photoset (20 photos) « This blog is the 2nd part of the journey between Santiago Chile and Mendoza. From the top of the mounatins at Cristo Redentor all the way down to Mendoza. See Part 1 for info and photos of the ascent up from Santiago. We crossed from Chile into Argentina, the official border is about 10mins before the passport control building. More   date: April 2014
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Wine Tours Include An Olive Oil & Cheese Factory - Mendoza

 » photoset (43 photos) « Mendoza is the center of winemaking and adventure tourism in Argentina, there is so much you can do here - snow sports, mountain climbing, wine tours, hang gliding, parachuting, kitesurfing, rock climbing, trekking, zipline canopy, horseriding, kayaking, longboarding, rafting and biking to name just a few. More   date: April 2014
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A Leafy City 2 Hours From Mendoza - San Juan

 » photoset (27 photos) « Arriving in San Juan from Mendoza took 2hrs 15mins by bus, it was the morning and I planned to spend the day in the city having a look around and getting to know the place a little. From the bus terminal it's about a 15min walk into the center of town. More   date: April 2014
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Top Must See Is The Gothic Church - Cordoba

 » photoset (43 photos) « I have visited Cordoba 3 times now, it's very much the same as any other Argentine city in the way it looks. In fact, while here I was thinking to myself that I could be in Buenos Aires, Rosario or Salta. Argentinian cities tend to start looking the same after a while with their abundance of statues, monuments and grid pattern streets. More   date: Jul 2008, Apr 2014, Nov 2019
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Che Guevara Was Born In A House At 480 Entre Rios - Rosario

 » photoset (34 photos) « Originally I came to Rosario in 2008 for 5 nights but didn't do much outside the city center where I was staying. I visited the bars, clubs and shops mainly. I returned in 2012 to discover much more about Rosario, not all of it appealing. It has been said that Rosario is Argentinas pretty girl capital, this could be true, but I can't say for sure. More   date: July 2008, May 2012
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Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe? - Santa Fe

 » photoset (35 photos) « I had heard the famous song called 'Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe' sung by Dionne Warwick when I was a child, at least that's what I thought it was called. When I was in Argentina again in 2012, I decided to visit Santa Fe. I vaguely remembered the melody but not really the words to this song, only the part that goes 'do you know the way to Santa Fe, wo, wo, wo, wo, wo...'. More   date: May 2012, November 2019
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Day Tours Of The River In An Attractive City - Parana

 » photoset (24 photos) « I have been to Parana twice now, both times after visiting nearby Santa Fe. Parana is on the eastern side of the Parana River 1hr from Santa Fe. Parana is a place I would recommend visiting if you like attractive cities and peaceful walks along the riverfront. More   date: May 2012, November 2019
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Hot Springs, National Park & River Camping - Colon

 » photoset (21 photos) « I came to Colon from Parana 5hrs west and arrived at the bus terminal in the middle of the night. I spent the rest of the night there until the morning. I stored my belongings while I had a walk around town for a few hours before heading across the border to Paysandu - Uruguay later in the day. More   date: May 2012
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A Backpackers Favorite & Gateway To Bolivia & Chile - Salta

 » photoset (73 photos) « Salta is a special place for me because I have been here many times on my 7 trips to South America, sometimes by default. But I always have fun here. It is the main city in the north of Argentina and is an easy place to get to from the south and east and also the prime place to head north to Bolivia or west to Chile from. More   date: Mar 2008, Aug 2008, May 2009, May 2010, Nov 2011, May 2014, Oct 2015
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5hrs (443kms) To The Border Of Chile - Salta to Paso de Jama

 » photoset (10 photos) « The journey from Salta to the border of Chile which I have now done 3 times takes at least 5 hours (443kms) and passes through some amazing terrain in the north-west of the Jujuy province, make sure you do this journey in the day. The bus leaves Salta and heads north through San Salvador de Jujuy and up to Purmamarca on highway 9. More   date: May 2009, May 2010, May 2014
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Buses To Salta & Tupiza (From Villazon) - La Quiaca Border Crossing

 » photoset (5 photos) « La Quiaca is the border town in Argentinas far north at Bolivias border and town Villazon. I have passed through La Quiaca twice now, once in each direction. La Quiaca is 7hrs north from Salta and 4hrs 30mins (289kms) north of Jujuy by bus. Passport control is simple and the border crossing quite straightforward in either direction. More   date: March 2008, November 2011
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A Region Worth Exploring - La Quiaca to Jujuy

 » photoset (18 photos) « The 4 and a half hour journey by bus (283kms) from La Quiaca to Jujuy is an amazing drive amongst rocky red terrain, colorful canyons and open green valleys and spaces. Sometimes quite desolate, but very beautiful. The first main town south after leaving La Quiaca is Abra Pampa founded in 1883. More   date: November 2011
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Between Salta & The Quebrada de Humahuaca - Jujuy

 » photoset (27 photos) « Jujuy is 2hrs 15mins north of Salta and 4hrs 30mins south of the Bolivian border. I visited Jujuy as a stop-off point between these 2 places and to have a look around the city. Jujuy has a similar feel to Salta but is a little shabby around the edges. More   date: November 2011
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Points Of Interest & The Bridge To Paraguay - Posadas

 » photoset (15 photos) « 2016: This was my 3rd time in Posadas. I arrived at 5am after 8hrs on a bus from Concordia southward on the border of Uruguay. I spent the night and had a decent look around town. It's a pleasant city but there is not that much to see, it's a good place for shopping and eating in my opinion. More   date: March 2008, June 2012, April 2016
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Amazing National Park & Utterly Beautiful - Iguazu Falls

 » photoset (21 photos) « I have stayed in Puerto Iguazu on 2 occasions and been to the waterfalls both times, it's a very beautiful park. The town center is a nice place with lots of accommodation, restaurants, shops and the bus terminal. There are a couple of ATM machines in town, be careful that the bank called Macro's ATM doesn't eat your card like it did mine. More   date: March 2008, May 2009

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