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Paraguay - Aregua, Jesuit Ruins, Ybycui, Gran Chaco and Asuncion

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Paraguay, home of the Gran Chaco, exotic wetlands, amazing butterflies and birds! Enjoy the history of the Jesuit ruins and colonial towns. Experience the beautiful green interior, eat the tastiest beef, meet the friendly and welcoming people, visit national parks and go shopping.

Paraguay is the only country in South America that I have needed a visa, it cost $50USD for only 5 days the first time I visited in 2009. On my 2nd and 3rd visits in 2012 and 2016 I asked if I could have 10 days, that cost me $100USD. Here are my experiences and story.
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Sights, Beaux Arts Architecture & Guasu Market - Asuncion

 » photoset (56 photos) « My 2nd and 3rd times in Asuncion were fantastic and I got to see much of the city. It was raining the 1st time I came here in 2009 and I just passed through after staying the night across the road from the bus terminal. I then travelled by bus over the Paraguay River into Argentina to Corrientes the next day. More   date: May 2009, June 2012, April 2016
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The Highlight Don't Miss It - Encarnacion & the Jesuit Ruins

 » photoset (22 photos) « It was my 2nd time in Paraguay, this time I had come from Posadas in Argentina. In fact I had travelled all night from Tacuarembo in the north of Uruguay, through the corner of Brazil and up to Posadas. Then straight over the bridge by bus to Encarnacion. More   date: June 2012
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We Say Ceramics They Say Ceramica - Aregua & Itaugua

 » photoset (72 photos) « Aregua, 30kms from Asuncion, is the home of ceramics or ceramica as the locals say, in this part of Paraguay. It's an unbelievable sight to see a whole street on both sides lined piece by piece with colorful ceramic art! These thousands of items are made for home and garden, wall and floor. More   date: April 2016
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Holiday Lake & Religious Festival - San Bernardino & Caacupe

 » photoset (11 photos) « San Bernardino lagoon (Lake Ypacarai) is 2hrs by bus east from Asuncion and attracts the well-heeled people of this city to its shores during the summer months of December to mid-February. San Bernardino is a place of luxury hotels but also has budget backpacker accommodation available. More   date: April 2016
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40mins By Bus In Cowboy Country - Oviedo to Villarrica

 » photoset (15 photos) « One of the highlights of Paraguay for me is always the bus journeys around the countryside from place to place. Once you get off highways 2 and 7 which connect Asuncion and Ciudad del Este, it's beautiful! You learn very quickly during one of these rides that Paraguay is very much a country of greenness, trees (wood products) and cattle (meat). More   date: April 2016
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Unique Stone Church Iglesia Ybaroty The Highlight - Villarrica

 » photoset (24 photos) « Villarrica is one of the many small towns in the interior of beautiful Paraguay. It was originally founded because gold was believed to exist in the area but when none was found the city was moved. In fact Villarrica was moved 7 times between its foundation in 1570 and where it is now (1682). More   date: April 2016
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5 Hours To Travel 297kms By Bus - Encarnacion to Paraguari

 » photoset (30 photos) « Traveling through the Paraguayan countryside and passing through the small towns is one of the highlights of Paraguay for me. The 5hr bus ride (297kms) between Encarnacion and Paraguari on Route 1 is no exception. One of my favourite things to do on buses is to take as many photos as possible of everything that catches my eye. More   date: June 2012
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Eco-Reserve Mbatovi Is 10kms Away For Activities - Paraguari

 » photoset (24 photos) « Paraguari is not really one of those places on the tourist trail to visit, more a convenient town to stop for a night at the junction of the main highway where Route 1 takes a turn north-west towards Asuncion. I had travelled 5hrs by bus from Encarnacion to get here. More   date: June 2012
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Where Is Filadelfia? - Filadelfia

 » photoset (44 photos) « There is nothing to see or do in Filadelfia. Unless you are a Mennonite, want to be a Mennonite or have friends who are Mennonites, there is no reason to come here. It's a ghost town, it has no center, it is an empty place with no attractions. After I read the Lonely Planet it sounded like a destination I should visit, but in reality it is about the loneliest place on the planet. More   date: June 2012
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Bus Travel Is Easy To See Animals & Wildlife - Gran Chaco

 » photoset (42 photos) « Traveling on the Trans-Chaco Highway is one of Paraguay's highlights for me, the road extends from Asuncion all the way up to Bolivia, it also goes by a couple of other less-cool sounding names - Highway 9 and Carlos Antonio Lopez Road. The Trans-Chaco Highway intersects 5hrs north of Asuncion with Highway 5 which leads east to Concepcion. More   date: June 2012
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Top Attractions, Sights & Tours - Concepcion

 » photoset (58 photos) « Along the banks of the Paraguay River, Concepcion is a laidback town where the streets are alive with the sight and sound of locals buzzing around on their motorbikes and horse pulled carts. There is a sleepy, easy-going feel about Concepcion, there is no hurry or rush here. More   date: June 2012
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Go Shopping On The Black Market - Ciudad del Este

 » photoset (15 photos) « 2016 Nothing had changed in the 7yrs between my first and second visits to Ciudad del Este, it's still all about shoppers shopping in shops, black market this, black market that! It's the sort of place you may well be tempted to leave soon after arriving if shopping aint your thing. More   date: May 2009, April 2016
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A Japanese Meal In La Colmena - Ciudad del Este to Ybycui

 » photoset (12 photos) « This 5 - 6 hour bus journey through the countryside of Paraguay was definitely one of the highlights for me. I took some photos out of the window of the bus during the day. The local buses are always crammed to the max with people - in the seats and isles and half falling out the doors, it is quite fun really, especially if you have a seat. More   date: May 2009
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In Search Of Big Metallic Blue Butterflies - Ybycui & Ybycui National Park

 » photoset (34 photos) « The bus rolled into the small town of Ybycui shortly after midday and I went to find a place to stay. I found a little hospedaje not far from the bus stop. A hospedaje is basically a place where a family live and they have rooms for people to stay in and you share meals with them if you like. More   date: May 2009