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Posadas, Argentina - Points Of Interest & The Bridge To Paraguay

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Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
2016: This was my 3rd time in Posadas. I arrived at 5am after 8hrs on a bus from Concordia southward on the border of Uruguay. I spent the night and had a decent look around town. It's a pleasant city but there is not that much to see, it's a good place for shopping and eating in my opinion.

Points of Interest

Plaza 9 de Julio has the best sights surrounding it - cathedral, fountain, historic buildings, various artworks and the government house. The other main plaza is Plaza San Martin featuring a statue of San Martin on his horse. You have to really wander around the streets in the center to find the other occasional things of interest. I only found a few historic buildings, wall art and statues and monuments.

Waterfront and Bridge to Paraguay

Apart from a few things around the center of Posadas the real main attraction is the waterfront and the bridge to Encarnacion - Paraguay. Walking along the waterfront is nice, there are restaurants and bars, a train station with trains running between Posadas and Encarnacion, an open air theatre, a giant monument and of course beautiful views.

Bus to Resistencia

One night in Posadas was perfect and from here I bused 5hrs and 10mins west to Resistencia.

Bus to Encarnacion

2012: I passed through Posadas again in 2012, 4yrs after the first time. I had spent all night traveling up from Tacuarembo in northern Uruguay, through the corner of Brazil and up to Posadas. I didn't stay in Posadas this time, I caught a bus straight across the bridge to Encarnacion for my second time in Paraguay.

My First Time in Posadas

2008: I came to Posadas from the border town with Brazil called Paso de los Libres and spent a few nights here. It was during easter weekend and things were a bit quiet around town. There are lots of shops and nice restaurants, bakeries, ice-cream parlours, lots of families out and about, jugglers, clowns, buskers and jewelry salesmen in and about the plaza. It's a pleasant place to walk around in. I took a stroll down to the Rio Parana and had a look across to Paraguay, it is extremely hot here in the month of March. Trucks, cars and vans were going back and forth across the bridge carrying goods. Posadas is a nice place to stay in on the way to or from Iguazu Falls which was where I was going. There are a couple of museums in town also. Apart from Encarnacion, buses go north to Iguazu which takes 5 - 6hrs, west to Corrientes and Salta and south to Buenos Aires.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Posadas, Argentina:

City Hotel, Posadas, Argentina - Large Photo
City Hotel, Posadas, Argentina (April 2016 - 1 night) - Located beside the main plaza in the city but expensive at $30USD considering there is not much to see in Posadas. But cheaper than some other nearby hotels. I had a room with 2 single beds and private bathroom, a double bed would have been nice at that price. 9th floor view of the city and better places across the river in Paraguay (Encarnacion).
Residencial Misiones, Posadas, Argentina - Large Photo
Residencial Misiones, Posadas, Argentina (Mar 2008 - 3 nights) - Run by helpful older and younger people, 3 minutes walk to the center, has a sunny courtyard, a lounge and tv area with couches, a big kitchen at the back, a wind up clothes line. The rooms are fairly average but adequate and have bathrooms. I found a small snake about 1 foot long crawling in the shower one night and had to ask the doorman to remove it.

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Posadas, Argentina - Points Of Interest & The Bridge To Paraguay. Posadas is a pleasant city and is across the river from Paraguay. While here you should go across to Encarnacion to see the Jesuit ruins!