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Viedma / Patagones, Argentina - Doorway Of The Patagonia Beside The River

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Map location: Viedma / Patagones, Argentina
Map location: Viedma / Patagones, Argentina - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Argentina travel blog by Mark Berman - November 2021   » View Photoset (28 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
The doorway of the Patagonia, Viedma and Patagones stand on opposite sides of the Negro River and as always with river cities, the river is a great attraction. Both are small and peaceful cities with sights to enjoy on each side of the river. Viedma and Patagones are 4hrs south of Bahia Blanca and 2hrs east of San Antonio Oeste.

The Negro Riverfront

In some ways you get a better overall view of Viedma from Patagones and a better view of Patagones from Viedma as far as the cityscape goes, with the church towers dominating the skyline. The passenger launches flow back and forth across the Negro River regularly, the original dock named after Antonio Pelle was built in 1914. The riverfront on each side is a pleasant area to walk, enjoy and relax.

In Viedma

In Viedma itself, you can see the cathedral and other important buildings like the old hospital at Plaza Alsina. At Plaza San Martin is the Municipal Palace, the Government House, courthouse and university. Also in Viedma is the Carlos Gardel museum (Museo Gardeliano) and the religious museum (Museo Salesiano).

In Patagones

In Patagones you can walk up the street from the river to the main plaza where you can see up-close the big white church seen towering over the city from Viedma. The Municipal Palace built in 1882 stands beside. There are various monuments to see along the riverfront.

Where Is The Food?

Food in Viedma is dificult to find. In the daytime only bakeries selling sandwiches and sweet pastries are open. The restaurants along the riverfront only open from 8:30pm at night and by that time it is dark and cold and I didn't want to go out. I ate sandwiches bought at the bakery for dinner each night I was in Viedma. The hotel served breakfast, but that was sweet pasteries too, no eggs. I walked around the center of the city and couldn't even find a hotdog to eat! Yes food in Viedma is a problem and I complained about it several times to several people while in town.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Viedma / Patagones, Argentina:

Nijar Hotel, Viedma, Argentina - Large Photo
Nijar Hotel, Viedma, Argentina (November 2021 - 2 nights) - Nijar Hotel in Viedma is an OK hotel. Why just OK? Because for the price of $37USD all I got was a single bed and not a great one. For this price you should have a comfortable double bed but like most hotels in Argentina they do not understand that the bed is the most important thing. They offer a continental breakfast, sweet cakes and pastries, no eggs, yuk. Not my cup of tea and I didn't eat it so I cannot say how it was but sweet food is not breakfast to me! Bad wifi signal but the room had a balcony, a tv and hot water. I can't recommend Nijar Hotel because of the excessive price coupled with a less than comfortable bed.

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Viedma / Patagones, Argentina - Doorway Of The Patagonia Beside The River. The doorway of the Patagonia, Viedma and Patagones are 2 small cities situated on each side of the Negro River. The riverfront is nice to walk along and each side of the river has sights and good views of the other city.