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Resistencia, Argentina - 154 Sculptures, 7 Museums and Culture

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Map location: Resistencia, Argentina
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Argentina travel blog by Mark Berman - April 2016   » View Photoset (56 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Argentina is a country already full of statues, monuments and busts. Restistencia is a city in the north / east that has taken this factor a step further with 154 works (mainly sculptures) commissioned and scattered throughout its parks, plazas, streets and avenues. They call Resistencia 'The City of Sculptures'. I came to Resistencia by bus from Posadas (just over 5hrs and stopping briefly in Corrientes). It's a good halfway point between Posadas and Asuncion (Paraguay) where I would be heading the next day.

Modern Not Historic

Resistencia is more modern than historical, it was founded quite recently in historical terms - 1878. The city is centered around Plaza 25 de Mayo, as is the cathedral - Parroquia San Fernando. Inside this grassy plaza (park) you will find monuments of Argentine general Jose de San Martin, Maria Eva Duarte de Peron (Evita), General Antonio Donovan Atkins (1849-1897), military leader Martin Miguel de Guemes and ceramist Fernando Arranz (1897-1967).

Looking for the Sculptures

In the streets in the blocks surrounding the plaza is where you will find many of the cities sculptures. So off I went to explore the streets and look for some of them. Of course I won't list them all but I will say that they are mostly made from stone, bronze, wood, iron and marble / ceramic etc.

Hot and Humid in April

Resistencia is a very hot and humid place in early April, talk about sweat! I took a break between the mid-afternoon and early evening and headed out again after dark for some more exploring and night photography. I also had food on my mind and there are plenty of eating places and shops in the central area.

At Least 7 Museums

There are at least 7 museums in the city - fine arts, communication, indigenous, sculptures, history etc. There is a city tour which takes you to some of the museums and other locations with Chaco.

Bus to Asuncion - Paraguay

I enjoyed my short time in Resistencia and was now looking forward to my 3rd time in Paraguay! Early morning I took a taxi to the terminal and took a bus 4hrs north to Clorinda on the Argentinian side of the border with Asuncion. From there into central Asuncion took another 2hrs. Resistencia is a lot closer to the capital of Paraguay (Asuncion) than its own capital (Buenos Aires) 1000kms south.


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Residencial Bariloche, Resistencia, Argentina (April 2016 - 1 night) - Quite a nice room with private bathroom, aircon, tv and wifi at $26USD per night. Located around the center of the city and with helpful and friendly staff. A good deal and cheaper than another nearby hotel. Recommended.

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Resistencia, Argentina - 154 Sculptures, 7 Museums and Culture. City of sculptures, statues, museums & culture. Argentina is loaded with bronze and here's a city full of it and more!