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La Quiaca to Jujuy, Argentina - A Region Worth Exploring

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Argentina travel blog by Mark Berman - November 2011   » View Photoset (18 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
The 4 and a half hour journey by bus (283kms) from La Quiaca to Jujuy is an amazing drive amongst rocky red terrain, colorful canyons and open green valleys and spaces. Sometimes quite desolate, but very beautiful.

Abra Pampa

The first main town south after leaving La Quiaca is Abra Pampa founded in 1883. Abra Pampa is home of the Huancar Folk Festival and in August the feast of Pachamama. Sandboarding on the dunes surrounding the city is one popular activity for adventure seekers as is exploration of the landscapes nearby. Abra Pampa has remnants of indigenous cultures and is celebrated and kept alive by the local Coya people.

Cochinoca and Rinconada

Nearby towns Cochinoca and Rinconada maintain traditions such as bullfighting, a short distance from Abra Pampa.


An hour and 10mins south is the next main town along the way called Humahuaca. The leg between Abra Pampa and Humahuaca offers some very spectacular scenery - rock formations of many colors and terrains of cactus. The bus stopped for 10mins in Humahuaca. It is 2939 meters above sea level and has a mild and dry climate. Humahuaca Canyon (Quebrada de Humahuaca) is known for its multi-colored mountains. This makes Humahuaca a popular place for tourists and backpackers to visit and stay a few days. There are archaeological sites and ruins in this area and many other interesting things to do and see between Humahuaca and Jujuy.


Visit Pumamarca and view the lovely 18th century architecture including the church made from adobe. There is a unique handicrafts market here also as well as stunning views of the mountain of 7 colors.


A little north of Pumamarca is Maimara, a small town where visitors come to see a group of yellow, red and white hills called the Painters Palette.


Nearby is Tilcara where the Archeological Museum is the main attraction. Pucara ruins are located nearby as well as the Botanical Gardens.

South from Humahuaca

Heading south from Humahuaca there is a huge llama monument on the right side towering above the building it stands beside and as tall as 7 cars. The scenery is amazing, the mountains, the green pastures, trees and the dry cactus valleys. This is definitely a part of Argentina worth exploring!


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La Quiaca to Jujuy, Argentina - A Region Worth Exploring. Northern Argentina is great, there's lots of rocky terrain. You can see the Quebrada de Humahuaca, colorful canyons and amazing landscapes!