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Jardin, Colombia - Things To Do In Colombia's Hidden Gem

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Map location: Jardin, Colombia
Map location: Jardin, Colombia - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Colombia travel blog by Mark Berman - September 2020   » View Photoset (67 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Jardin in many ways is similar to Salento but more off the beaten track. A pretty little town with colorful wooden buildings, balconies and doors and surrounded by nature. There is plenty to do and see in and around Jardin including nature walks, bird-watching, relaxing with a coffee or eating a large fruit salad at the park, tasting the local trout or just wandering the streets doing photography. They call Jardin the hidden gem of Colombia and it is definitely less touristy than Salento, it's worth a visit!

Getting To Jardin

Best ways to get to Jardin is south from Medellin or north from Manizales or Pereira. In Medellin go to the southern bus terminal and take a bus south to La Pintada. The distance is short but the road is clogged with large trucks so it takes about 2 and a half hours to get to La Pintada. You can stay the night here if you wish. From La Pintada to Jardin takes 2hrs on the back of a motorbike or you can take a bus. From Pereira or Manizales take a bus to Riosucio (2 and a half hours) then take another bus to Jardin (3hrs).

Park & Church National Monument

The attractive central park - El Libertador Park has beautiful flower gardens with rose bushes, strawberry trees and guayacan trees, the church - Immaculate Conception Minor Basilica, museum and cultural house - Casa Museo Clara Rojas Pelaez and multiple cafes serving coffee and nice liqueurs. On the bottom right corner of the park is Las Colonias Cafe where the theme of the colorful painted tables and chairs outside on the pavement are of famous Argentines. These people include Agustin Magaldi (1898-1938) - a tango and milonga singer, Hugo del Carril (1912-1989) - a film actor, Armando Moreno (1921-1990) - a singer and Libertad Lamarque (1908-2000) - an actress and singer. The park and church set in Jardin is a national monument of Colombia (1985).

Lady Blacksmith's Path

A 5 minute walk southeast from town is the Lady Blacksmith's Path (Camino de La Herrera), a stone path leading from the urban area through a natural tunnel made of greenery. The walkway is framed by changing landscapes that lead to the Waterfall of Love and the Corazon River. Look out for exotic birds big and small including the Cock of the Rock and the Woodpecker and also see beautiful exotic flowers! You can come here by yourself or with a small tour group.

Cock Of The Rock

While in Jardin you must visit the Parque Natural Jardin de Rocas where you will see many Cock of the Rock birds. The birds are not enclosed, they just love to be here near the river. Located on private property you may need a guide from a local tour company. The birds make a lot of noise and have fun among the tall trees that lead down to the river. The gardens here also have exotic flowers and plants to enjoy.

More Things To Do

Other activities in Jardin include horse riding, a coffee farm tour, hiking, views from the Mirador Cristo Rey, a cable car ride and hiking to see caves.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Jardin, Colombia:

Hotel Diana Campestre, Jardin, Colombia - Large Photo
Hotel Diana Campestre, Jardin, Colombia (September 2020 - 2 nights) - With an amazing setting and an even more spectacular price of around $12USD per night, Hotel Diana Campestre in Jardin is a great place to stay! My room at the back had a great view overlooking the river and valley, just awesome. Located just a couple of blocks or so down from the main plaza. The staff are friendly and helpful and the room was comfortable with a good bed, private bathroom and secluded from the rest of the hotel. Recommended.

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Jardin, Colombia - Things To Do In Colombia's Hidden Gem. A pretty little town with colorful wooden buildings, balconies and doors and surrounded by nature. They call Jardin the hidden gem of Colombia!