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Festivals and Holidays in Colombia

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Month Date When Festival Location
January --- --- The Hay Festival (Latin American writing celebration) Hay, near Cartagena
January --- Early to mid-month Feria de Manizales (Manizales Fair) Manizales
January 2 - 8 --- Carnaval de Riosucio Riosucio, every 2 years
January 4 - 6 --- Carnaval de Negros y Blancos (Carnival of Blacks and Whites) Pasto
February --- --- Temporada Sinfonica (Temporary Symphony) Bogota
February --- Mid-month, 4 days celebration before Ash Wednesday Carnaval de Barranquilla Barranquilla
March --- --- The Cartagena International Film Festival Cartagena
March/April --- --- Ibero-American Theater Festival Bogota, every 2 years
April --- --- Feria del Libro (Writers workshops and lectures (books, films, music)) Bogota
April/May --- End of April - Start of May Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata Valledupar
May --- --- Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro (Theatre Exhibition) and Parade Bogota, every 2 years
June/July --- --- Las Fiestas del Mar (The Festival of the Sea) Santa Marta
June --- --- Folklore Music Festival Ibague
June/July --- Runs for 1 week Medellin International Poetry Festival Medellin
June 28 - 29 --- Bambuco y Sanjuanero Festivals (St Peter and St Paul Days) Neiva
August --- --- Assumption of Mary National
August --- Starts in early August Carnaval de Bogota Bogota
August --- --- Fiestas de la Cosecha de Pereira (Harvest Festival of Pereira) Pereira
August --- 2nd week of August Feria de las Flores (Festival of the Flowers) Medellin
August --- --- Fiestas de la Cosecha Pereira
August --- --- Pasillo Festival Pereira
October --- --- Salon Nacional de Artistas-Ministerio de Cultura (Plastic art) Cali
October/November --- --- Rock al Parque (Large Rock Festival) Bogota
November --- --- Bienal de Arte de Bogota (Visual Art Festival) Bogota
November --- 5 day event Exposiciones Academia Superior de Artes Bogota
November --- --- Miss Colombia Cartagena
December 25 - 30 --- Feria de Cali (Cali Fair) Cali