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Mocoa, Colombia - Hike To The End Of The World Waterfall

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Map location: Mocoa, Colombia
Map location: Mocoa, Colombia - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Colombia travel blog by Mark Berman - January 2021   » View Photoset (43 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
If there ever was a real hidden gem in Colombia then surely Mocoa must be it. Mocoa is usually overlooked by tourists who travel the main route north or south to or from Ecuador through Pasto and Popayan. It is well worth the effort to take a detour east from Pasto (5hrs) to get to Mocoa, then continue north up to San Agustin (3hrs 40mins), then west to Popayan. Or starting in Popayan, head east to San Agustin, south to Mocoa, then west to Pasto that way. In fact San Agustin is another ever so slightly hidden gem in Colombia with its fascinating archaeological parks. If you love nature and the outdoors, waterfalls, rivers, forest walks, activities and fun, then Mocoa is a place you must experience!

Amazon Jungle Experience

Mocoa is bustling with activities and sights and they are all located together along the same road just a few kilometers from the town center. Spend a few days here to enjoy all that Mocoa has to offer. Your Amazon jungle experience is closer than you think!

End Of The World Waterfall

The End of the World Waterfall (Cascada del Fin del Mundo) is the most well-known sight and activity to enjoy in Mocoa and is a highlight. A hike through the jungle for around 3hrs in total. The walk to the waterfall is mostly up hill and takes around 90mins. Along the way there is much flora to see beside the path, rivers to cross, waterfalls to see and landscapes to navigate. Once you arrive at the waterfall, each person gets a turn to look over the cliff down towards the waterfall and river while connected to chains attached to the rocks behind. After this, you can buy lunch from the jungle kitchen and restaurant located here. It's much quicker to get back to the main road afterwards, being mostly downhill, 30-40mins only. The hike to the End of the World Waterfall is a great half-day adventure in Mocoa and afterwards you may be too tired to do any more activities on the same day. Maybe time to head back to that air-conditioned hotel room. Mocoa sure is hot and sweaty. We are talking drenched t-shirt hot and sweaty!

CEA (Centro Experimental Amazonico)

CEA (Centro Experimental Amazonico) is another popular acticity in Mocoa with pathways through the forest to walk, exotic plants and flowers, rescued animals to see including caiman, tapir, capybara, wild pigs, tucan, turtles and monkeys. You can see other animals and birds naturally as you walk around the park. Guides take you in small groups around the park and explain all aspects of their operation as they go. The tour of the Centro Experimental Amazonico takes around 90mins and is very easy compared to the hike to the End of the World Waterfall.

Paway Natural Reserve

Paway Natural Reserve is located right beside the Pepino River about 1.5kms from the entrance to the End of the World Waterfall. Paway Natural Reserve has a butterfly sanctuary, walking paths through the forest, flora and fauna, jungle huts to stay, education about nature and animals to see including monkeys and birds for which you can interact with.

More Activities In Mocoa

Other attractions in Mocoa include the ITP Botanical Garden, Hornoyaco Waterfall and Salto del Indio. Mocoa is definitely an upcoming destination (hidden gem) in Colombia!


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Mocoa, Colombia:

Hotel Marli Plaza, Mocoa, Colombia - Large Photo
Hotel Marli Plaza, Mocoa, Colombia (January 2021 - 4 nights) - Hotel Marli Plaza in Mocoa at around $20USD for 1 person is centrally located just down the street from the main plaza and church and is a comfortable hotel to stay while here. A room with a private bathroom, aircon, wifi, tv and good bed. There are restaurants and shops outside and in the streets around with the bank just up on the corner opposite the plaza. Recommended.

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Mocoa, Colombia - Hike To The End Of The World Waterfall. Your Amazon jungle experience is closer than you think. Mocoa is a hidden gem in Colombia with amazing nature all around the city. Hike to the End of the World Waterfall (Cascada del Fin del Mundo) and enjoy many other fantastic activities in nature!