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Tayrona National Park, Colombia - Sleep In Hammocks Or Go Camping

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Colombia travel blog by Mark Berman - August 2008 October 2012   » View Photoset (12 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Some friends and I took a boat from Taganga to Tayrona National Park, it takes only 40 minutes and is a real fun ride! We had stocked up on non-perishable groceries the day before at the big Exito supermarket on the main street of Santa Marta - cans, liquids and packets of things.


We got to Tayrona and paid for a couple of nights accommodation in the outside hammock hut behind the restaurant. There are about 20 hammocks lined up side by side. Camping is also possible behind this area, it's called Rancho Lindo. There is another hammock hut on top of the hill but you need to be quick to get a place up here.

Rancho Lindo

Rancho Lindo is a beautiful bay with a nice beach, coconut palms and massive round boulders. These boulders are great for jumping off, sunbathing on, drying clothes and for just looking at. The water is just amazing to swim in - I couldn't get enough of it, it's the best thing about being here! The restaurant serves some tasty meals which are not too expensive, but make sure you bring lots of food with you. There is a small shop here that sells wine and a few things, but it's much cheaper to get it all in Santa Marta.

Enjoy Yourself

It's now up to everyone to enjoy themselves in the sun, sea and surf. The locals put on a singalong and some dancing in the evening in the restaurant area and everyone can join in. There are bush walks and tracks to other amazing beaches and coastline in the area, make sure to climb the boulders and jump into the sea.

Bus to Canaveral (Tayrona)

Another access point into Tayrona is by car or bus from Taganga or Santa Marta, it takes less than an hour, costs more than a boat and takes you to Canaveral. There is a luxury hotel and camping can be done here.

Camping in Arrecifes

The campsites are towards the west at Arrecifes, 45 minutes walk from Canaveral, donkeys can carry your bags. At Arrecifes there are hammocks available for a reasonable price. West again from Arrecifes is Cabo San Juan which has a great setting.

Beautiful Beaches

Some of South America's most beautiful beaches are in the area of Tayrona National Park. Follow the paths to secret and secluded bays and empty open beaches - white sand, sun, surf and sea. After a few days and nights out here sleeping in a hammock or tent, you may be looking forward to getting back to Taganga for a proper shower and a bed. Boats leave daily.

Bonito Gordo & Other Bays

On a completely different occasion while living in Taganga in late 2012, a group of us trekked over the hills at the back of the bay to Bonito Gordo. It's a very secluded beach usually visited by boat and I would recommend if you do visit, do it by boat because this trek took 3 and a half hours each way plus the 4hrs we spent at the beach. It was extremely hard, hot and I couldn't walk for 3 days afterward. Other bays I have visited are to the east of Taganga - Playa de Pescador, Playa Grande and CC Waka. Again you can walk or take a boat from Taganga.


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Tayrona National Park, Colombia - Sleep In Hammocks Or Go Camping. Tayrona is a coastline full of beaches and mountains. You can go camping, hiking, swimming and have all kinds of beach and water fun!