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Timotes, Venezuela - Picturesque Valley In The Mountains Near Merida

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Venezuela travel blog by Mark Berman - August 2014   » View Photoset (15 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Timotes 116kms north of Merida is situated in a beautiful green fertile valley with the Motatan River running beside. I arrived here from the junction in Apartaderos 55kms south which took 1hr 20mins in a shared taxi. Timotes is located below the town of Chachopo which sits near the top of the valley. My photos start from Chachopo descending down the valley to Timotes at 2025 meters above sea level.

Exploring Timotes

After finding a really nice hotel near the main plaza I headed out to explore the town of Timotes. Firstly by accident I came across an importers shop so I thought I would ask if they would be interested in buying some of my $USD. We agreed on a price (black market rates of course) and did the deal. Then I went straight back to my hotel with my huge wad of cash and stashed it in my room. OK, now I was ready to have a look around Timotes. Plaza Bolivar and the church Basilica of St. Lucia (1911) are the towns center and both are very attractive. Around the plaza are shops and an upstairs restaurant, hills circle around behind. On one side of the plaza is a bronze bust of Monsenor Buenaventura Vivas. From here I headed up the road and found the cultural house 'Casa de la Cultura - Don Jesus Maria Espinoza Becerra' where on display are guitars, masks, paintings and other items. Also here is the museum 'Museo Arqueologico Timotes' with lots of archaeological pieces in glass cabinets. Up the road further I came to Plaza Miranda and St. Benedict Chapel. Inside the church are many stained glass windows and a long row of Saints.

The Countryside Around the River

I walked all the way to the top of the town, across the bridge and around and down the road on the other side of the river enjoying the beautiful countryside and scenery. After walking amongst a few farms and crop fields on the country road I found the steel walk bridge back across the river to town. This bridge comes out very close to Plaza Miranda in fact. The views up and down the river from the bridge are beautiful and spectacular. It really is a picturesque valley and not nearly as cold as it was up in Mucuchies and San Isidro de Apartaderos in the days before. Timotes is a very attractive commercial and agricultural center without it being city-like.

Bus and Car to Maracaibo

From Timotes by bus I headed north 1hr 10mins to Valera and continued from there in a shared taxi 2hrs 40mins at 120-140kmsph north to Maracaibo. Even at that speed crazy people were overtaking us. The drivers of these old American cars on free gasoline don't mess around, there's money to be made you know. Scary at times I must say, you could catch a bus for less money but it will take at least twice as long.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Timotes, Venezuela:

Posada Dona Emilia, Timotes, Venezuela - Large Photo
Posada Dona Emilia, Timotes, Venezuela (August 2014 - 1 night) - A great big room with a double bed plus a single bed. The ceiling was extremely high giving a great sense of space all around. Nice bathroom and a tv. The owners are very nice people and have created a beautiful garden area on the ground floor. Located right in the center of Timotes just 30 seconds walk from the main plaza. The price was fantastic and cheaper than many posadas and other hotels in Venezuela. There was no wifi but recommended all the same.

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Timotes, Venezuela - Picturesque Valley In The Mountains Near Merida. Timotes is 116kms north of Merida and is situated in a beautiful green fertile valley with the Motatan River running beside. It's a picturesque valley & agricultural center!