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Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela - Paradise Of Beaches & Crystal Clear Waters

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Map location: Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela
Map location: Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Venezuela travel blog by Mark Berman - August 2014   » View Photoset (35 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Wow! If you are a beach and nature lover and you want to be in the most beautiful and amazing place full of secluded (or semi-crowded) beaches with crystal clean waters, then Morrocoy National Park is your ticket! I did a day trip to Morrocoy from Moron where I had spent the night and also returned there for a night after the day in Morrocoy. It's 40 minutes by bus each way and a hell of a lot cheaper than staying in Tucacas which is the town at Morrocoy. I had just spent a few days 4hrs north / west at beaches in Coro and Adicora which was really nice but Morrocoy was totally mind-blowing and pristine in comparison!

Arriving in Tucacas

I arrived at the bus terminal in Tucacas where there were a few people walking around selling boat tickets and tours at prices higher than what you pay at the waters edge, do not buy a ticket from these people. Next I took a taxi a few minutes to the boats at the dock.

Tour or Private Boat?

It works like this: Each boat can have a maximum of 7 people in it. The price to each island or beach is fixed and is split between however many people there are in the boat. They charge black market prices so you need to change your money on the black market. Generally it costs between $15-30USD per boat to go to each beach / island and return. If you divide that cost between up to 7 people it makes for a very cheap day in paradise indeed! You can hire a private boat for less than $50USD for 4hrs to take you on a little tour around some of the islands and beaches before you decide which beach or island you want to spend a few hours at. Then the boat comes back to return you to Tucacas later on. There is also a 5hr private boat option for around $65USD with the tour including several more islands and beaches.

Islands and Beaches

The islands of Morrocoy are known as cayos, the beaches are called playas. Islands you can visit by boat are Cayo Las Animas, Cajo Paicla, Cajo Boca Seca, Cajo Pescadores, Cajo Sombrero, Cajo Los Juanes and Cajo Los Muerticos. The most popular beaches to visit are Playa Mero, Playuela y Playuelita, Playa Sur and Playa Norte.

Boat Tour of Morrocoy

I chose to take a 4hr private boat tour (with my girlfriend). We powered off from Tucacas and headed firstly to the island of birds (Isla Los Pajaros) where we saw birds in the trees above from the boat. We had a quick look, then powered off to Playa Azul to see all the people enjoying themselves there. We didn't stop but headed next to see the Cave of the Santisima Virgen, a shrine next to the water. A few minutes later we arrived at Cajo Los Juanes where I jumped into the water and cooled off. This was quite a fun place, not a beach, just the edge of an island with shallow waters and a few boats with people. Vendors walked around waist high in water selling seafood and drinks from on top of floating polystyrene boards. The water here is just amazing to swim in! Next we headed off and had a quick look at Playa Los Alemanes before arriving at nearby Cajo Sombrero. At this point the boat driver asked which beach or island we had liked the best of the ones we had seen and which one would we like to spend the next 3hrs at before he came back to collect us.

Cajo Sombrero (Shady Beach)

We decided that Cajo Sombrero where we had just arrived looked pretty good. There were lots of people, was quite large and looked fantastic for swimming and exploring. Like most if not all other places at Morrocoy National Park, at Playa Sombrero you are hit with pure white sands, palm trees and crystal clean emerald and turquoise colored waters all around. In these shallow waters away from the sandy beaches lay coral reefs and complex ecosystems. I explored around the island. There are very few people once you get away from the main beaches. I love nature! Afterwards I headed back to the main beach. Well there are 2, one on each side of the island, can you say colored umbrella?

Feelings of Joy

Swim time, just gorgeous, refreshing, paradise on earth, wow what a backdrop, floating on my back, this can't be real. I don't want to leave. I want to come back... OK, all things must pass. The boat arrived on time, we headed back to Tucacas and took a taxi to the bus terminal for a bus back to Moron.

Bus to Barquisimeto

The next day a bus 2hrs 15mins from Moron to Barquisimeto.


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Hotel Marbella, Moron, Venezuela (May 2013 - 1 night, August 2014 - 2 nights) - Well-priced and located right in the center part of Moron. I had tv, wifi and bathroom. Helpful staff. Recommended (2013). I stayed here again in 2014 but now they have no wifi, the rooms are kind of old and worn but it is still probably the best option in town and is very close to the shops.

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Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela - Paradise Of Beaches & Crystal Clear Waters. Wow, if you are a beach and nature lover and you want to be in the most beautiful and amazing place full of secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, then Morrocoy National Park is your ticket!