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Puerto Colombia, Venezuela - Beach With Camping Or Stay In A Pousada

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Venezuela travel blog by Mark Berman - January 2011   » View Photoset (9 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Late morning on New Years Day 2011 I left Puerto Cabello on the coast via Moron to Maracay, this took just over an hour. When the bus arrived at the terminal in Maracay there were young people everywhere getting ready to board buses for holidays in popular places. One of these places is Puerto Colombia, a place I had decided I would visit for a few days.

Getting There by Bus

I waited in a long line at Maracay bus terminal and ended up in a bus full of happy and fun Venezuelan youth. Puerto Colombia is on the coast on the other side of Parque Nacional Henri Pittier from Maracay. The road goes straight through the middle of the park and is a twisting and turning one with several hairpin turns and travels through thick lush forest and bamboo and gets very close to the clouds before it comes back down to sea level. There are bridges, waterfalls, rivers with large boulders where people swim and small communities along the way. There was also a police checkpoint at the entrance of the park, all males were lined up outside the bus and checked for identification. From Maracay to Puerto Colombia takes around 2 hours, make sure you eat well before you take this journey.

Find a Pousada or Camp

By late afternoon I had arrived in Puerto Colombia. I was lucky to find a posada (guesthouse) with a spare bed. Many of the young people and families who visit here sleep in tents underneath palm trees in the camping ground just back from the beach.

What's in Town?

Puerto Colombia is a fun and lively little place with many restaurants that range from cheap feeds to more fancy foods. There are dozens and dozens of pousadas and guesthouses to accommodate all the people who flock here on weekends and for vacations. The main attraction are the beautiful beaches where palm trees create a stunning backdrop behind the sand. In town there is a small blue church near Plaza Bolivar and of course a monument, the town is pretty clean, safe and well-kept.

Beaches, Boats, Fish

The beach closest to town is Playa Grande, just 5 minutes walk away, boats take people along the coast to the other beaches in the area. The area beside the sea in town is a colorful place where people enjoy sitting in the park, playing in the sand or just relaxing. There are hundreds of fishing boats that sit in the river that leads to the sea, it is a very colorful sight. Fresh fish is brought in and pelicans hang around waiting for a bite to eat. The town itself has a nice feel about it with colorful houses, plazas, parks and shops. The park beside the sea has a couple of old rusty cannons pointing out, waves crash against the barriers and sometimes flood the park a little. There is a monument also.

Playa Grande Beach

I walked to Playa Grande across the bridge from town, there are several cheap restaurants along the road on the way. The beach was absolutely packed with people, the reason being that the beach and backdrop is very beautiful indeed, white sand, palm trees and mountains surround it, stunning!

Over the River

Over the other side of the river from the park is the mirador lookout point. To get there you walk across the fishing boats which are all side by side creating a bridge, there are stairs leading up the cactus hill. It's only a 5 minute walk to the top where there are fabulous views of the town and the lush green mountains and area all around, it's amazing. The lookout point also has a white monument of Jesus on the cross.

Back to Maracay

After 3 nights in Puerto Colombia I took a bus back to Maracay and continued my travels along the coast east towards Caracas and Puerto La Cruz.


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Posada Los Guanches, Puerto Colombia, Venezuela - Large Photo
Posada Los Guanches, Puerto Colombia, Venezuela (January 2011 - 3 nights) - I had a very nice big room with bathroom, the price was reasonable for early January. 5 minutes walk to the main streets, restaurants and parks. Secure premises and helpful woman owner.

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Puerto Colombia, Venezuela - Beach With Camping Or Stay In A Pousada. Puerto Colombia is on the coast on the other side of Parque Nacional Henri Pittier from Maracay. The road goes through thick lush forest close to the clouds before it comes back down to sea level. Go to the beach and go camping here!