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Oiapoque, Brazil - Oyapock River Bridge To French Guiana Is Open (2017)

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Map location: Oiapoque, Brazil
Map location: Oiapoque, Brazil - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Brazil travel blog by Mark Berman - April 2015   » View Photoset (21 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Oiapoque is as far north as you can get on the east coast of Brazil and is the border town that sits on one side of the Oyapock River, the other side is French Guiana. I arrived in Oiapoque late one night after a long trip by car from Macapa, the next city southward. I spent a couple of hours in the morning having a look around. The nice thing about Oiapoque is the river, this is what makes this place beautiful, the town itself is nothing special.

Oyapock River Bridge Opened (18 March 2017)

The main sight in town is the Oyapock River Bridge across to St. Georges in French Guiana. It's quite a landmark! Most of Oiapoque's activity is riverside with people arriving from and leaving to French Guiana. It only takes 10 minutes to cross the river to St. Georges. Oiapoque has a couple of churches, one is Igreja Nossa Senhora das Gracas and has a large water-tower across the road from it, the other church is Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil and is small and green. There is a big red fire station up the road from the river. Hotels and shops are scattered around the streets in town. Many of Oiapoque's roads around the center are made of dirt, so it can get quite muddy when it rains. At the north/eastern end of town I had a look around the houses that sit above the river, walking on boardwalks to get there. From the looks some of the locals gave me, not many travelers do that. It is easy to change money in town and there is an internet cafe or 2 incase your hotel doesn't have any.

Or Take a Boat to French Guiana

It was a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine. I thought to myself, what a nice day to go to French Guiana! I was so excited to get there that after getting my backpack from my hotel I headed down to the river and took a boat across to French Guiana without getting an exit stamp for Brazil on my passport. Stupid me, nevermind, I was able to get one on the other side as well as an entry stamp to French Guiana all at the same office, now there's a tip!


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Oiapoque, Brazil:

Pousada Esperanca, Oiapoque, Brazil - Large Photo
Pousada Esperanca, Oiapoque, Brazil (April 2015 - 1 night) - I arrived late at night after all day traveling by car up from Macapa. The rooms are basic and cheap but not ugly or horrible. I payed $25 Reals ($8USD) for a room with a bed and fan. The bathroom was shared but that was not a problem. Actually it was nice to have something cheap and not nasty for a change. The pousada is located in the center of town and there are a couple of other hotels right there too, one beside and one opposite. The lady was friendly, I have no complaints. Recommended for budget travelers.

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Oiapoque, Brazil - Oyapock River Bridge To French Guiana Is Open (2017). On the border of French Guiana in the far north. This is Brazil's northern-most town. From here you can cross the river by boat to French Guiana!