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Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil - Which Side Is The Best? Brazil Or Argentina?

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Brazil travel blog by Mark Berman - April 2016   » View Photoset (6 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
The utterly amazing Iguaçu Falls is without question one of the most stunning and must-see sights in South America, period! You just can't beat a spectacular natural wonder. I had been to the falls twice before in Argentina but this was my first time on the Brazilian side. I came across the border by taxi from Ciudad del Este - Paraguay to get here, 30mins. This is one of several tri-national border crossings in South America. I found a nice budget hotel near the bus terminal, a good location because there's a supermarket closeby that serves delicious buffet lunches. Brazil is good for buffets! It's also of course an easy place to catch a bus to the waterfalls from, or you can taxi.

Seeing the Falls

It takes around 20mins by taxi or around 35mins by bus from town to the park. From the entrance of the national park an open-air bus (10mins) takes everyone to the area in which to begin the trail (walkway) down through the park and falls. The pink castle-like Hotel das Cataratas with beautiful green lawns and views of Iguaçu is located here. Watch out for those cheeky raccoons that hang out around the first viewing point, if they smell food they will grab your bag or jump onto you! The first viewing point is high up, the waterfalls are captivating and start working their magic making you want to start the walk down to get closer! There's greenery and thick forest all around. A large river with boats taking people up super-close. Boulder and rock gardens washed in ferocious gushing water. Walking down slowly. There's various viewing points along the way and people in groups taking their 'I was here' photos and having a great time. There's no need to hurry, it's too mesmerizing and hard to comprehend. I see the permanent rainbow above the waterfalls. I remember that from Argentina. Getting down to eye level. Wow, look down there, it's a long concrete and steel platform going right out into the heart of all that spray! Some people put on their plastic raincoats that they bought somewhere up around the ticket office. Time to walk out to face the music of the Garganta do Diabo (Devil's Throat). The spray is fantastic! It's just what one needs in this sub-tropical heat, a t-shirt takes just minutes to dry afterwards. After this climatic experience out on the platform most people wait for the elevator to take them up for close-up (from above) panoramic views of the falls and river before exiting at the same level for the bus back to the entrance station. It's a damn fine view I must say!

More Fun Attractions

Some people, either before or after visiting the main attraction do the trails located about halfway from the entrance. The Poço Preto Trail Tour consists of walking, bike riding and kayaking. The Macuco Safari Tour takes you up very close to the falls in boats. The Bananeiras Trail Tour is a 2km walk and a boat journey. You can even do a helicopter tour with Helisul. Across the road from the falls entrance is the bird park Parque das Aves.

Which Side is the Best - Brazil or Argentina?

Which is better, the Brazilian side or the Argentinian side? Well, they are 2 different animals to be honest. From Brazil it is more an experience from above and around, panoramic, and takes about 1hr 15mins for the walk until the exit. Argentina is more an experience of amongst and there is more walking and exploring involved and you can easily spend around 3hrs here. The fact is, they are both awesome, don't miss it! This is the official site (in Portuguese).

Flight to Rio de Janeiro

After a couple of nights in Foz do Iguaçu I took a flight with GOL to much anticipated Rio de Janeiro (1hr 50mins).


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil:

Village Foz Hotel, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil - Large Photo
Village Foz Hotel, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil (April 2016 - 2 nights) - Comfortable room at the great price of $17USD per night. Room comes with fridge, aircon, tv, bathroom and wifi. Located just a short walk from the bus terminal and a supermarket where you can get great buffet meals. There are a few restaurants nearby also. A good place to stay and cheaper than other hotels closeby. Recommended.

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Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil - Which Side Is The Best? Brazil Or Argentina?. (Waterfalls) Simply fantastic - don't miss it! One of Brazil's top attractions, you can't beat the power and wonder of nature. Across the border from Argentina and Paraguay.