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Porto Velho, Brazil - City In The Amazon Basin With Limited Sights

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Map location: Porto Velho, Brazil
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Brazil travel blog by Mark Berman - April 2019   » View Photoset (24 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Not one of the most inspiring cities I've been to in Brazil and doesn't even feel like it has a real center. Porto Velho is located basically in no-mans land some 900kms south-west of Manaus around 4hrs north of the Bolivian border. I flew here from Rio Branco, the closest major city, a 1hr flight, just to have a look. Porto Velho has a handful of things to see (hardly worth it) and the place didn't grab my attention for long.

Sights In Porto Velho

I visited a museum at the Vargas Palace called Museu Palacio da Memoria Rondoniens where there mainly is on display paintings and bronze works. I saw some arts and crafts at Artesanato Regional, things made from beads, small cultural figures and art made from wood. While I was here a green cobra (snake) came into the shop and sat on one of the shelves, they called animal control to come and catch it. The Matriz Church is also worth a quick look for its array of stained glass windows. The train museum that was once here is now closed as is the area around it near the river. Apparently I missed the 3 water towers attraction (Tres Caixas D'Agua) but I don't think I missed much really, they are just 3 water towers afterall. They do make some nice burgers in Porto Velho and I'm not talking about Bob's Burgers. Across the road from Bob's Burgers in the evening you can buy a great burger while sitting outside at a table. Trust me, don't go to Bob's Burgers, come here!

Car To The Bolivian Border

After 1 night in Porto Velho I was keen to move on. I headed to the bus terminal where there are also co-op taxis. I rode in a car 4hrs south-west to Guajara-Mirim on the border of Bolivia. I crossed over the river to Guayaramerin (Bolivia), stayed the night and headed to Riberalta the next day (1hr bus).


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Richard Hotel, Porto Velho, Brazil - Large Photo
Richard Hotel, Porto Velho, Brazil (April 2019 - 1 night) - The best hotel I stayed at on this trip was Richard Hotel in Porto Velho! A beautiful room for $88 Reals ($22USD) with private bathroom, tv, strong wifi, fridge, aircon and a buffet breakfast. Located just a few blocks from the absolute center and close to shops and food. A shame I only stayed here for 1 night but anyway, well recommended!

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Porto Velho, Brazil - City In The Amazon Basin With Limited Sights. An isolated city in the Amazon Basin 900kms south-west from Manaus. A museum, crafts and the stained glass windows in the church.