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Puyo, Ecuador - Things To Do In The Jungle Region

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Map location: Puyo, Ecuador
Map location: Puyo, Ecuador - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Ecuador travel blog by Mark Berman - July 2011 October 2018   » View Photoset (76 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
Twice now in Puyo, first time I travelled by bus 78kms to Puyo from Tena, it takes 2hrs 30mins. The second time coming up from Macas (2hrs 45mins). Generally you find in Ecuador for bus travel it takes around 3hrs per 100km. Puyo is a hot and humid jungle town where the temperature ranges from 17-24 degrees, the altitude is 950m above sea level. The town has 3 principle rivers, Rivers Pastaza, Puyo and Bobonaza and a range of native cultures - Kichwa, Andoa, Sapara, Shuar, Achuar, Shiwiar and Waorani. In the center of the city there are several cheap hotels and budget accommodations across the road from the indoor markets.

Things To Do

Things to do and see in the city include the cathedral and park 12 de Mayo, a water park Parque Acuatico, an indigenous center Centro Indigena Nucanchi Allpa, an exotic birds park Parque Real de Aves Exoticas, botanical gardens Jardin Botanico Las Orquideas, tours of the river, Elno Botanic Park Omaere, museum Museo Elno Arqueologico and some natural pools Dique Rio Pambay. The central park 12 de Mayo has the cathedral across the road.

Animals at Parque Real

Parque Real is a place to see exotic birds and other animals. There are monkeys, many types of pigeons, chickens and ducks, an emu, peacocks, orange flamingos, parrots and budgies, a macaw, parakeets and tortoises.

Etnologico Arqueologico Museum

In the city center is the museum Museo Etnologico Arqueologico, it's a single floor displaying all kinds of stuff including pottery, a Maripsario - dead butterflies and spiders in cases, some taxidermy animals - fox, iguana, huge crab and snake. They also have several life-size jungle huts completely kitted-out with the accessories used for living - baskets, cooking tools, hammocks, animal skins. It's worth a visit and doesn't take too long.

Around the River

Puyo was founded by Fray Alvaro Valladares (1869-1937) on the 12 of May 1899, he was born in Latacunga and died in Banos. There is a monument of him beside the river on the tourist walking area called Paseo Turistico Rio Puyo, close to Etnobotanico Omaere. It's a nice park area with a lookout tower with great views of the jungle, river and city in the distance. In the park there is a special monument of 7 indigenous woman, Mujer Zapara, Mujer Waodani, Mujer Andoa, Mujer Achuar, Mujer Shiwiar, Mujer Kichwa and Mujer Shuar.

Between Puyo and Macas

Heading south to Macas. There are a whole bunch of things to do between Puyo and Macas including waterfalls and swimming at waterfalls - Cascada Encanonado del Arco Iris and Cascada Hola Vida, fishing for big fish, arts center, a couple of lookout points - Mirador Altos del Pastaza and Mirador Nuevos Horizontes, botanical gardens Jardin Botanico Jintim and caves Cueva de los Tayos.


I left Puyo and got out at the road to Pomona. I thought I would go check out the mirador. A bus finally came along and I travelled about 30mins to Pomona. By the time I got to Pomona I was wondering what I was doing here, it is really remote and there's just a village. Some kids were curious about me and a few people asked what I was doing there. I told them I came to see views of the jungle, which are actually pretty good. Pomona has the River Jamdiayacu 5mins away, a little school and stadium, a small blue church with a hand-bell and a few colorful flowers. At least I can say I have been to Pomona! I hitched a ride back to the main road with the guy who delivers gas bottles to the locals and waited and waited for a bus to Macas. 2 buses went by. I flagged them down but they didn't stop, they were full.

Hitched a Ride to Macas

After visiting Pomona and after waiting an hour and a half for a bus I hitched a ride in a car to Macas, it takes 3hrs 15mins. The road is paved and in good condition. I don't usually hitch rides in cars but had no choice on this occasion, it was fine.

Distances from Puyo

Distances from Puyo to other cities in Ecuador are as follows: Macas 128kms, Riobamba 156kms, Ambato 102kms, Guaranda 194kms, Coca 254kms, Cuenca 391kms, Zamora 453kms, Guayaquil 353kms, Quito 213kms, Portoviejo 458kms, Santo Domingo 297kms, Ibarra 348kms, Esmeraldas 569kms.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Puyo, Ecuador:

Hotel San Luis, Puyo, Ecuador - Large Photo
Hotel San Luis, Puyo, Ecuador (October 2018 - 1 night) - $20 pays for a nice room across the road from the bus terminal in Puyo, the top floor in fact. Private bathroom, wifi, tv etc. Very comfortable indeed with a window that opens out. Just as convenient or even more so than the central hotels to the main attractions around Puyo! Recommennded.
Hostal Girasol, Puyo, Ecuador - Large Photo
Hostal Girasol, Puyo, Ecuador (July 2011 - 1 night) - A comfortable basic room in the center of town. Run by a nice family. Shared bathroom. A good price.

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Puyo, Ecuador - Things To Do In The Jungle Region. Puyo is a hot and humid jungle town where 3 rivers meet. You can see birds and do nature walks in this area and see amazing exotic flora, plants and flowers at Las Orquideas botanical garden.