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Pujili, Ecuador - Ceramics, Pottery & Traditional Market (Sunday & Wednesday)

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Map location: Pujili, Ecuador
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Ecuador travel blog by Mark Berman - July 2015   » View Photoset (40 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
I spent the night in Latacunga and took a taxi at around 7:30am to Pujili which took 15mins and cost $5USD. It was a Wednesday which was lucky because Pujili's market days are Wednesdays and Sundays. I hadn't planned to see the markets especially, more to have a look around town because I was going to nearby Saquisili later that day for their big Thursday market. Market tours are available!

Township and Stone Church

I started out at the plaza where the stone church and other well-kept buildings are located. From here I explored and found a small market called Mercado Rosalino Ruiz Arroyo opposite a monument of an indigenous woman sitting cross-legged, this is probably Rosalino! I made my way to the pink and white church clock tower that I could see back beside the plaza. This turned out to be the government buildings and it's possible to go inside and have a look, it's very cool.

Inside the Government Buildings

Inside the entrance is a beautiful patio with gardens, fountains and large murals of important local people, it's called the Jardin de Illustres Pujilenses. The people included are of religion, politics, justice, independence, music, journalism and war. On the other side of the gardens are a dozen or so life-size wooden figures playing musical instruments. There are also many information boards on the walls showing the culture and traditions of the area. It's quite a sight and possibly the best in town apart from or including the markets!

Breakfast at the Central Markets

It was time now for me to eat some breakfast and the best place to find that is at the Central Markets, this is the big market in Pujili. The most popular local meal in Pujili, Latacunga and other places in this area of Ecuador is this (one that I have eaten many times because it's so delicious) - fried mashed pototoes with fried egg on top with meat and salad! They serve it in the markets and restaurants in town too. You can also have soup but the chicken soup is never good in markets early in the morning because the meat hasn't cooked properly, trust me! Or, you can have a plate of rice with meat etc.

Indigenous Come From Far

As usual the market has all kinds of stuff for sale - fruit and veg, household things, big blocks of sugar, fish that comes overnight from the coast and of course other meats. This market is almost totally indigenous and draws people from the surrounding villages and towns. The quality of products like clothing at markets like this are always much higher than in city shops.

Staircase to the Lookout

The town doesn't have a lot more to see but at the back of Pujili on the hill is a huge colored staircase that you can climb up for amazing views of the town and area.

Sights Along the Road

From the market I decided to walk a couple of kms out of town towards the main highway to see what I could find along the way. I walked past a guinea pig restaurant, a gold statue and park, a few interesting murals and the monument of 3 carnival figures called Al Danzante (The Dancer). Then I noticed some ceramics being made from outside a house so I walked in and had a look and took a few photos. I walked until I got to the big monument of 3 people at the junction near the town of La Victoria (another town of ceramics and pottery, at 3008 metres). This is a monument of a woman making ceramics, a man doing pottery and another man squishing clay with his feet. I knew of the monuments along this road from having passed through Pujili a few years earlier on my way to Quilotoa Lagoon - I enjoyed having a look around Pujili this time.

20mins to Saquisili

From the monument I waved down a bus and headed back to Latacunga (20mins) and got my things from the hotel and took a taxi to Saquisili for a couple of nights (20mins, $5USD).


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Pujili, Ecuador - Ceramics, Pottery & Traditional Market (Sunday & Wednesday). Pujili is a small town on the way to Saquisili. Known for its ceramics, pottery & traditional market. Take a bus from Latacunga!