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Cayambe, Ecuador - Yummy Baked Bizcochos Special Biscuits Made Here

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Map location: Cayambe, Ecuador
Map location: Cayambe, Ecuador - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Ecuador travel blog by Mark Berman - July 2011 September 2018   » View Photoset (39 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
I visited Cayambe during my 3rd and 6th trips to Ecuador. The first time I left Tulcan by bus in the morning, passed through Ibarra and Otavalo and arrived in Cayambe about 4 and a half hours later. The second time from Quito Airport to Cayambe is just 45mins. I had read that Cayambe is famous for its flowers, biscuits called Bizcochos and there are pyramids here. From where the bus from Tulcan dropped me off I took a local bus into the center of town. I asked several locals about the pyramids but none had ever heard of them.

Eat Some Bizcochos

First thing to do was to try some Bizcochos. I visited the shop of 'Bizcochos Katherine', by the door is a huge pizza-type oven with Bizcochos baking. At the back of the shop the owners were happy to let me take photos of them working. I bought a few Bizcochos and took them away to munch on, they were very nice, crunchy and cheesy.

Monuments to Famous Locals

Nearby was a monument to David Elias Manangon Cartagena (1904-1979), a local professor, author and music writer. I also found a monument to Sergio Mejia Aguirre (1895-1972), a poet and professor of music.

The Central Park

I walked a couple of blocks to the central park - Parque Central 23 de Julio. It is a nice place with trees, flower gardens and a blue and white church Iglesia Matriz de Cayambe on one side, there are many indigenous people around. On the opposite side of the park is the museum and several colorful murals of important people to Cayambe, Dolores Cacuango (1881-1971) was involved in the indigenous rights movement. Another is of Luis Humberto Salgado (1903-1977), a famous composer and director of the National Music Conservatory. Others include Ruben Rodriguez (1904-1973), Transito Amaguana (1909-2009), an Ecuadorian indigenous leader and Eloy Alfaro (1842-1912), twice President of Ecuador. To the left of these murals is the museum and downstairs is the tourist office, ask about the pyramids here - Piramide de Puntiatsil.

Streets, Churches, Plazas & Parks

I took a walk through the historical streets of Cayambe, there are many colorful houses, shops and balconies. There are more murals of famous Ecuadorians scattered around town, author Juan Montalvo (1832-1889), scientist and writer Eugenio Espejo (1747-1795), Eloy Alfaro and Gonzalez Suarez (1844-1917), a priest and historian. Cayambe has a few more churches and several parks and plazas - Parque Yaznan, Parque Ruben Rodriguez, Parque Nasacota Puento, Parque a La Madre and Plaza de Toros. The main festivals are the Equinox around the 21st of March and in the 2nd half of June the celebrations of San Pedro and Inti Raymi.

They Grow Flowers Here

The area of Cayambe is known for growing beautiful flowers. They were selling them on the streets, roses of orange, yellow, pink, red and white.

In the Region

In the area and towns surrounding Cayambe there are a few archaeology sites including some more pyramids called Piramides de Cochasqui.

To Sum Up

Cayambe is a nice place to stop for an afternoon and spend a few hours exploring the city. There is a hostel close to the central park area if you wish to stay the night.

Distances Away

From Cayambe it is 28kms north to Otavalo, 18kms to Puembo, 70kms to Quito and 36kms to Oyacachi.

Bus to Guayllabamba

At the end of the afternoon I took a bus 25kms south / west (30mins) to Guayllabamba where I slept the night and visited the fantastic Quito Zoo on the next day.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Cayambe, Ecuador:

Hostal Imperial, Cayambe, Ecuador - Large Photo
Hostal Imperial, Cayambe, Ecuador (September 2018 - 1 night) - A hotel is only as good as the bed and unfortunately Hostal Imperial in Cayambe bit the dust on that account with a bottom sheet that just wouldn't stay in position. The room wasn't that bad but for $18 for 2 people I'd like a decent and comfortable bed thanks. Located a block or so from the main plaza. Disappointing.

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Cayambe, Ecuador - Yummy Baked Bizcochos Special Biscuits Made Here. Famous for yummy baked Bizcochos which are like biscuits. Cayambe is a nice little town not far from Guayllabamba north of Quito!