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Punta del Este, Uruguay - Weather Is Best From Christmas To Late February

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Map location: Punta del Este, Uruguay
Map location: Punta del Este, Uruguay - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Uruguay travel blog by Mark Berman - September 2013 November 2019   » View Photoset (55 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
I have visited Punta del Este (East Point) twice now. The 'point' has a distinct beach on each side, there's a calm side and a rough side. Brava Beach (Playa Brava) is where you will find the surfers riding the waves that come crashing in onto the shore. While Mansa Beach (Playa Mansa) is calm with the yacht club, sail boats moored and with people relaxing along the white sands. Apartments line the street at the back of Mansa Beach and the locals love to walk and exercise on the boardwalk that runs right around the bay. Punta del Este has many other unique sights and activities to enjoy around town and is a great place for a luxury holiday and also makes a great backpackers stop too. Maldonado (10mins) and Piriapolis (25mins) are both nearby with Montevideo a couple of hours west.

Brava Beach & Los Dedos (The Hand)

Playa Brava is a nice long 'n' wide beach with white sands Here you will find the huge hand monument called Los Dedos (fingers). This is one of those 'must have a photo taken here' places! The surf club is here and the beach caters to surfers and the younger crowd.

Sights Around Town

To the main square Plaza General Artigas which also doubles as the Arts and Crafts Fair on certain days. The plaza is surrounded by many palm trees and has a central statue of Jose G. Artigas - the national hero. There is both a Burger King and a McDonalds near the plaza. Other sights around town include Imperiale Art Gallery, La Vista (museum, art gallery and panoramic views), Plaza de Bersaglieri Italiani and the bull sculpture near the sea called El Rapto de Europa (1962) by Oscar Alvarino.

Mansa Beach, Waterfront, Bay & Port

On the side of Mansa Beach, the waters here are nice and calm. Totally unlike the rough sea and waves crashing onto Brava Beach. A wooden boardwalk goes around the bay, boats sit peacefully in the water, the shoreline is rocky and a pair of huge anchor monuments sit on the grassy bank. Sights along this side of the point include Plaza Juan Ortholan, the Yacht Club, the Navy Base and the White Palace at the far end.

The Historic Zone

The historic zone in Punta del Este is out towards the point around Plaza del Faro. Here you can see the lighthouse - Faro de Punta del Este (1860), the weather station, police station, the first school (1896) and church (Parroquia Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria).

Onward Travel

From Punta del Este I traveled onward to Punta del Diablo (3hrs 30mins).


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The Trip Hostel, Punta del Este, Uruguay - Large Photo
The Trip Hostel, Punta del Este, Uruguay (September 2013 - 1 night) - Easy-going hostel with laidback hosts. Very close to Playa Brava and town. I stayed in a dorm with some cool girls from Chile. There's a kitchen and fridges to use and enough bathrooms with nice hot showers for everyone.

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Punta del Este, Uruguay - Weather Is Best From Christmas To Late February. Best time of year to be in Punta del Este is between December and late February for the beaches, surfing and boating. The playground of the rich and famous 2hrs east of Montevideo!