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Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Uruguay - Ferry and Bus Combo Ticket

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Map location: Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Uruguay
Map location: Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Uruguay - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Uruguay travel blog by Mark Berman - Mar 2008 Sep 2013 Apr 2016 Nov 2019   » View Photoset (7 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!

Ferry and Bus Combo

In 2008 I caught the ferry from Buenos Aires across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay and took a bus east to Montevideo. 3hrs on the ferry and 2hrs 30mins on the bus. The ferry and bus were on a combo ticket. This was during the day and the ferry and bus were full. On the bus journey to Montevideo we traveled through beautiful countryside with many farms, crop fields and trees. Before you get to Montevideo through the industrial area, you go down to the road on the coast where you see the city in the distance.

Midnight Ferry and Bus

In 2013 I took the midnight ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia after a flight down from Colombia. I booked over a month in advance and got a great price of around $33USD. It had been a long day for me and I fell asleep across the nice soft seats in the ferry and was woken up by the cleaners after everyone else had disembarked. Luckily everyone was still in a long line waiting to board the buses to Montevideo. The ferry was again a 3hr journey, then 2hrs 15mins by bus to Montevideo arriving shortly after 5am. Montevideo bus terminal has a McDonalds so you can have breakfast and coffee. This time I didn't stay in Montevideo. I took a bus 2hrs 20mins east to Punta del Este.

Midnight Ferry to Colonia

In 2016 I did the midnight ferry once again to Colonia from B.A. after a flight over from New Zealand. The weather wasn't great in Uruguay this time but I did get a couple of sunny days in Fray Bentos, a small town beside the river. Many people visit Colonia from Buenos Aires for a day trip and walk around the charming cobblestone streets looking at the shops and sights.

First Class

In 2019 I was lucky to get a first class ticket for the price of a standard ticket when I took the Buquebus from Colonia to Buenos Aires. They give you a glass of wine and a snack and you get to sit upstairs in luxury seats!

Buquebus Terminal

Buquebus, a ferry service that runs 3 or 4 times daily directly that takes up to 3hrs. Make sure you are at the port at least an hour or so before the ferry leaves so to pass through customs and to buy some duty free. The ferry has a lounge with food and drinks available (not cheap, so buy munchies and water beforehand) and TV to watch. There is also video game machines in the lobby. Or just sit and look at the water and see Uruguay approaching. Tickets are available from the Buquebus terminal at the port in Buenos Aires or online at their website and on the Uruguayan side at Sea Cat or the port in Colonia del Sacramento.

The Alternative

The other alternative apart from flying is to take a bus all the way which takes around 7hrs but costs only $20USD.


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Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Uruguay - Ferry and Bus Combo Ticket. I have done this trip across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay a few times. Go to the Buquebus terminal, it's cheaper if you take the midnight ferry!