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Hotel Rivera del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela - Review

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Hotel Rivera del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela
Hotel Rivera del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela (April 2013 - 2 nights, August 2014 - 3 nights). This hotel near the Maracaibo bus terminal robbed me. When I payed for my 2nd night (230 Bolivares), I gave them 300, they had no change and said come back later. When I came back a while later the woman couldn't remember that she owed me 70 Bolivares and refused to give it to me. I put up a stink about it and got nowhere. Don't stay here unless you want to be robbed! Just over a year later when I was back in Maracaibo I stayed here again because the other hotels on this street are just plain horrible. The prices compared to the year before had increased by quadruple depending on the room. This hotel has a number of problems that I had to put up with though. Firstly, they tell you that there is wifi, then they put you in a room on the 2nd floor where it does not work. Secondly, none of the remote controls for the tv worked, I had to change remotes 3 times. Then there is the bed sheet that is not big enough for the bed and keeps popping off the corners, so that you end up sleeping directly on the mattress, yuk. Every room has an air conditioner without a control, the temperature in my room was set to 21 degrees and goes all day and all night. It was a cold day outside and I asked them to turn the temperature up beacuse the room was like a fridge but they couldn't because they didn't have a control, oh dear! The light in my room died so I went straight down to reception to tell them so they could replace it, the woman said they would do it but nobody ever came to do so.
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