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Posada Villa Antigua, Coro, Venezuela - Review

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Posada Villa Antigua, Coro, Venezuela
Posada Villa Antigua, Coro, Venezuela (August 2014 - 1 night). I payed $800 Bolivares for a matrimonial room that had a cockroach, a mouse, a tv remote that didn't work, no wifi and an aircon that dripped water everywhere including the light which was a bit of a worry. The place is totally non-smoking. The bed was OK, the bathroom was OK. Not located in the safest part of town. Do you know how much $800 Bolivares is at the official rate? $127USD. Glad I changed my money on the black market so I only payed $12USD! If the government thinks that it is acceptable for tourists to be charged this amount of money for a crap room by paying at the official rate, then Venezuela's tourist industry will never take off!
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