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Bermejo & Aguas Blancas, Bolivia - International Bridge & Border to Argentina

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Map location: Bermejo & Aguas Blancas Border, Bolivia
Map location: Bermejo & Aguas Blancas Border, Bolivia - Click for South America Photo Map app.
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Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
From Tarija you have 3 choices of border crossings into Argentina and I have done all 3 in fact! You have Villazon in the south-west, Yacuiba in the south-east or Bermejo / Aguas Blancas more or less directly south. Yacuiba is a little out of the way so there's not much point taking that route - I crossed at this crossing on an 18hr bus from Salta (Argentina) to Santa Cruz back in 2008. If you are heading straight to Salta you would be best off taking the Bermejo route but if you are heading north of Salta to Humahuaca or Purmamarca you should head to Villazon!

Getting to Bermejo

The town of Bermejo is 207km south of Tarija. To Bermejo it takes 2hrs 50mins in a shared car which are available outside Tarija's bus terminal or if you go by bus it takes 4hrs. Of course I went by car!

The Journey from Tarija

The journey between Tarija and Bermejo passes through several small towns and communities like Portillo, Padcaya, La Mamora, Emborozu and Nogalitos. The terrain is a mix of rocky mountains, desolate plains, fertile valleys, rivers, waterfalls and jungle (Tariquia Flora and Fauna National Reserve). The road is in good condition and there are several tunnels under the rocky hills to pass through along the way.

In Bermejo

Once you get to Bermejo you can stay the night in one of the hotels in town. There is not a hell of a lot to see in the town itself but there are several restaurants around where you can eat a cheap meal.

The Border Crossing

From Bermejo to Aguas Blancas for the border crossing into Argentina takes 10mins by taxi. From here you walk across the bridge over the Bermejo River to the Argentinian side for the exit stamp from Bolivia and the entry stamp to Argentina, all in one place.

From Aguas Blancas

From Aguas Blancas there are taxis to take you south, you need a taxi at least to Oran which takes 50mins at 140kmph (yes that's how fast we were going). From Oran you can get a bus to Salta. Or you can share another car and continue south to Ledesma which takes 90mins at 140kmph (different driver, same speed). Of course you could catch a bus from Ledesma to Salta, but in my case I continued in yet another car for 2hrs at 100kmph to finally get to Salta by early evening. Adding that up, from Bermejo to Salta takes 4hrs 30mins travel time, from Villazon to Salta takes 7hrs.


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My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Bermejo & Aguas Blancas, Bolivia:

Querubines Hotel, Bermejo, Bolivia - Large Photo
Querubines Hotel, Bermejo, Bolivia (September 2015 - 1 night) - Not a great hotel at all. The wifi hardly functions and the breakfast is the worst you can get, bread 'n' coffee. I went out and bought my breakfast elsewhere. The beds had ants crawling around everywhere. The woman who owns or runs the place didn't care. Across the road is the Paris Hotel, I suggest you pay a little more and stay there. I do not recommend Querubines Hotel at all.

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Bermejo & Aguas Blancas, Bolivia - International Bridge & Border to Argentina. This is a remote border crossing to Argentina from Bolivia. It's south of Tarija and is an alternative to crossing at Villazon!