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Chile - Travel Blog & Photos from a Backpacker

Places, Experiences, Info, Tips + 1190 Photos from Chile

A very easy country to travel in, Chile maintains a lifestyle similar to Europe! It has something for everyone including the icey southern regions to the lagoons and desert in the north! If you enjoy fine cuisine and wine, trekking, outdoor activities, the inspiring views of lakes, salt flats, amazing forests and beautiful mountains, Chile is an inspirational country to travel!

I have been in Chile a few times now, several times in the north of the country and a trip I did in 2014 from the north all the way down to Santiago visiting some cool places along the way. Here are my experiences and story.
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Santiago: Modern City With Many Different Neighborhoods To Explore  » photoset (312 photos) «
I had passed through Santiago a few times before but didn't visit the city properly until a recent trip in 2014. I spent 3 days walking many kms exploring and I must say that I absolutely loved the place. I stayed very close to the Plaza de Armas, this really is the heart of the city, not the plaza but the blocks all around filled with 100's of shops, places to eat and street activity ranging from music groups to clowns and comical impersonators. More
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San Pedro de Atacama: The Valley Of The Moon Was The Best Tour  » photoset (162 photos) «
I had passed through San Pedro de Atacama twice (in 2009 and 2010) on my way between Salta Argentina and northern Chile before I returned in 2014 and actually visited the place, I'm so glad I did! This was the beginning of my trip from northern Chile down to Santiago and across to Argentina and back up again during April/May 2014. More
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Antofagasta: I Came Here To Look For Graffiti Art & Found Lots  » photoset (127 photos) «
So what do I know about Antofagasta? I know as much about the place as you would know after walking around the city for 6 and a half hours. It's not a bad place at all. There is not a ton of things to do but it's a good place for a stopover. The city is known as a busy place for miners, they come from all around and the city has plenty of 'ladies of the night' to cater for them too I believe, this is what I have read. More
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La Serena: I Saw Historical Buildings, The Military Fort & Graffiti Art  » photoset (85 photos) «
La Serena, the place in Chile to come and enjoy the beaches and coastline in the summer months of January and February. A place to come and relax beside a swimming pool at a nice resort and drink locally produced papaya juice or a Pisco Sour. It all sounds fantastic and I'm sure it is, but I was not here in those summer months when I came to visit La Serena. More
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Coquimbo: English Neighborhood, The Fort, Fish Markets, Graffiti Art  » photoset (73 photos) «
Just 20mins from La Serena I arrived by bus in Coquimbo. Coquimbo has 56kms of coastline and like La Serena is a place to visit in the summertime for all beach and water type activities. However, Coquimbo has much to offer in the offpeak season with many sights around the city and I enjoyed walking around and exploring the place. More
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Valparaiso: A City Full Of Vibrant Street Art & Culture  » photoset (163 photos) «
Valparaiso is not a place to go and see specific sites, it is a place to explore the whole city from head to toe, from the port up into the chaotic and sometimes ramshackle neighborhoods in the hills. It's an artists and art lovers paradise, sure there are galleries but I'm not talking about those. More
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Santiago To Mendoza: A Fantastic Journey Through The Mountains  » photoset (38 photos) «
This page focuses on the ascent from Santiago Chile up to over 3000 meters above sea level at Cristo Redenter which is the border crossing over to Argentina and Part 2 focuses and has photos of the descent all the way down to Mendoza, it is absolutely spectacular! The first leg of the trip took exactly 3hrs from Santiago to the top of the mountains at Cristo Redentor but we were actually stopped at roadworks for a good 30mins during that time. More
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Iquique: Enjoy A City Full Of Georgian Architecture Near The Beach  » photoset (99 photos) «
May 2014 It was great to be back in Iquique exactly 5 years after my first visit, however it was only 1 month after the magnitude 8.2 earthquake in April the previous month, so this was slightly on my mind. After checking into a hostel, making sure it wasn't next to or under a 10 storey building, I had a quick wander about the place in the late afternoon. More
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Iquique to Arica to Peru Border: Huge Rock Mountains Hard To Comprehend  » photoset (16 photos) «
From Iquique to Arica is around a 5hr journey through a rocky and mountainous wilderness. The long and winding road weaves its way through the bleak and barren no man's land, the huge faces of rock are hard to comprehend. About 3hrs into the journey the bus stopped at a little sandwich and helados (icecream) stand called Donde Pepe, some locals came aboard with food at one point too. More
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Arica: An Interesting Cityscape In The Desert, Gateway To Peru  » photoset (75 photos) «
4 times I have come to Arica, stayed or passed through. 2014 I stayed in Arica twice this year, once before heading south and once again on the way back from Iquique. I had a good day exploring a few new things I hadn't done before in the city. I hunted out some graffiti art and murals around town and had a look at the military base. More
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Paso de Jama to San Pedro to Calama: The Route To The Salt Flats  » photoset (12 photos) «
2014 The 3rd time I have done this journey. There is now a new passport control office at Paso de Jama for both Argentina and Chile, no longer are they miles apart. 2009/2010 I travelled from Salta in Argentina to Calama in Chile on a bus for 10hrs and crossed the border at Paso de Jama. More
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Calama: Visit The Copper Mines Of Chuquicamata  » photoset (17 photos) «
Calama is not the most exciting or most beautiful city I have been to, I stayed here for 2 nights as a break from bus travel. Around town there were some buskers, a rock fountain, a church, plaza, another rock fountain with a few animals on top. A man selling colorful dust brushes posed for a photo and I saw another fountain with a statue of a man drilling rock at the top. More

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