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Brazil - Ouro Preto, Sao Paulo, Recife, Olinda and Salvador da Bahia

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A vast land, Brazil shares a border with nearly all other countries in South America! The variety of animal and plant life is astounding, beautiful beaches on the eastern coast and cities surrounded by jungles. The wide open plains in the south take you deep into the land of the Gaucho. The mighty Amazon river in the north offers adventure tours and the Pantanal amazing wildlife!

I have visited Brazil 8 times, most recently Rio Branco and Porto Velho and to many other places including the beaches on the northern coast plus cities like Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Salvador! On previous travels I have been twice in the south, for a tour of the Pantanal, Foz do Iguaçu waterfalls, Rio de Janeiro and twice in the far north in Manaus, Santarem, Belem and Macapa and have done 3 journeys on the Amazon River. Here are my experiences and story.
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Amazon Basin City Close To The Bolivian Border - Rio Branco

 » photoset (35 photos) « Rio Branco in Brazil is located 3hrs by car north-east from Cobija / Brasileia on the northern border of Bolivia. Rio Branco is not exactly tourist central but there are a few things to see and do here if you so happen to be passing through this part of the Amazon Basin. More   date: April 2019
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A Deep History In The Rich Town Of Black Gold - Ouro Preto

 » photoset (80 photos) « A stunning setting to build a town (1698) but it's not only the setting! Ouro Preto reminds me a little of Machu Picchu but with the buildings actually intact and people living here. Sure, it's not built by the Incas, but it's a hell of a lot better! Ouro Preto is located at 1179masl in the beautiful mountains 2hrs from Belo Horizonte (the city with a beautiful horizon of mountains all around). More   date: March 2017
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Central Market Not To Be Missed Say Cheese! - Belo Horizonte

 » photoset (29 photos) « I had heard that Belo Horizonte is a great city for food and that the main Central Market is something not to be missed! Brazil in general is a top destination for food from many cultures and it's always close at hand. I know this personally of course from having been to over 30 cities and places here! Before arriving in Belo Horizonte by plane I was in Sao Luis, an historic city a long way north. More   date: March 2017
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Island Of Portuguese Tiled Buildings, Dunes & Beaches - Sao Luis

 » photoset (36 photos) « My first impression of the historic center of Sao Luis was that it is a little derelict in parts, however in many ways this adds to it's interest and charm. Sao Luis definitely has potential if it gets lifted out of it's current somewhat decaying state. More   date: March 2017
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Morro do Careca & Sand Dunes - Ponta Negra Beach / Natal

 » photoset (24 photos) « Dominated by the powerfully spectacular sand dune known as Morro do Careca or in English 'Bald Hill'! Ponta Negra beach 14km south of central city Natal is the best and most popular location for a stay in Natal. Ponta Negra is the 4th beach I stayed at on my travels up the coast of Brazil between Salvador and Natal, they being Maceio, Maragogi and my favourite Pipa! I had just come from Pipa Beach which is less than 1 hour south. More   date: March 2017
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Come To See The Dolphins! - Pipa Beach

 » photoset (40 photos) « The dolphins that swim along the crystal-clear waters of Pipa Beach are a huge attraction for everyone visiting this seaside village. The waves attract the surfers while the draw for backpackers is to spend time relaxing and chilling between hectic travel destinations! Pipa is the kind of place you could easily spend a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. More   date: March 2017
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Lagoon & Beaches, Nice Place For A Stopover - Joao Pessoa

 » photoset (40 photos) « Did you know that Joao Pessoa directly translates to English to be John Person? Interesting. It was renamed in 1930 after former governor Joao Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, previously Joao Pessoa was called Parahyba. The city has well-maintained historical buildings and a large lagoon and park in the center. More   date: March 2017
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Charm Of An Artists Haven On A Hilltop / Boneco Museum - Olinda

 » photoset (57 photos) « "Olinda is all for the eyes, it's not tangible, it's all desire", a quote from the poem called Olinda by Brazilian poet Carlos Pena Filho. Olinda is the postcard perfect place for pleasant sightseeing, it's kind of like a painting! That's my line, not from a poem. More   date: March 2017
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City Of Waterways & Bridges, Culture & Dutch History - Recife

 » photoset (65 photos) « An historical center surrounded by water with old stone churches popping out by the dozen and bridges with picturesque views of the city all around! Recife reminds me of some of the Dutch colonies I have been to in the way the buildings all stand side-by-side in front of the water. More   date: March 2017
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Crystal Blue-Green Waters & White Sands - Maceio and Maragogi

 » photoset (44 photos) « Maceio and Maragogi - there is a huge contrast between these 2 great beaches on Brazil's northern coast a few hours south of Recife! Firstly Maceio is a city beach and therefore is absolutely packed with people by the thousand, Maragogi 2hrs 45mins further north however, is much more easy-going and there's ample space for everyone. More   date: March 2017
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Riverside Town With Colonial Architecture - Penedo (Alagoas) & Neopolis

 » photoset (51 photos) « Penedo was one of my favourite stops on my travels up the Brazilian coast from Salvador to Natal! It's a small riverside town with colonial architecture and is positioned with beautiful views of the river and surrounding area. A beautifully peaceful place with a relaxed atmosphere and a welcome break from the big cities and busy beaches on this journey! I arrived in Penedo by bus from Aracaju (3hrs 30mins south) where I had spent the night after being in Salvador for carnival (Salvador is 5hrs south of Aracaju). More   date: February 2017
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Watching The City Warm Into Full Carnival Mode - Salvador da Bahia

 » photoset (42 photos) « The thunderous sound of rumbling drums bouncing off stone facades and cobblestone streets echo out into the night as the historic center of Pelourinho gears up for carnival. The streets are alive with the music and culture of Salvador, this is the African heart of Brazil! I spent several days watching and enjoying the city warm into full carnival mode without the crowds and costs associated with the main event, simple street parades and fun each night. More   date: February 2017
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Futuristic Buildings A City Built In The Shape Of An Airplane - Brasilia

 » photoset (50 photos) « I flew into Brasilia from Sao Paolo, this seemed extremely appropriate because Brasilia - the capital of Brazil is built in the shape of an airplane and it's located well-inland from the coastal cities. It's a planned city built in 1960 and I had come to see the futuristic buildings! From the airport I took an Uber taxi to a hostel in the city center, but it's not really a city center, more like a large town center. More   date: February 2017
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The Biggest City In South America By Far! - Sao Paulo

 » photoset (72 photos) « Sao Paulo is a monster, it's a biggy, the biggest city in all of South America, but it's a good city and believe me you will see only a small fraction of what the city has to offer unless you stay here for several weeks! I do however know a selection of places and things in Sao Paulo from my 3 days here. More   date: February/March 2017
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Top Attractions, Beaches and Sightseeing - Rio de Janeiro

 » photoset (89 photos) « The most striking feature about Rio de Janeiro is its setting in a harbor of compact mountains and beautiful beaches. Add to that several spectacular landmarks, a diverse culture, economical buffet lunches and as I discovered, some phenomenal architecture! I arrived in Rio by plane from Foz do Iguaçu (1hr 50mins) and took a taxi from the airport to a hostel. More   date: April 2016
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Which Side Is The Best? Brazil Or Argentina? - Foz do Iguaçu

 » photoset (6 photos) « The utterly amazing Iguaçu Falls is without question one of the most stunning and must-see sights in South America, period! You just can't beat a spectacular natural wonder. I had been to the falls twice before in Argentina but this was my first time on the Brazilian side. More   date: April 2016
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Full Speed Ahead At 140kms Per Hour - Pacaraima to Boa Vista

 » photoset (15 photos) « After crossing the border from Santa Elena in Venezuela to Pacaraima in Brazil I took a co-op taxi south to Boa Vista. At times the speed was between 120kms and 140kms per hour. It cost $25 Reais ($15USD) and took over 2 and a half hours and included a coffee stop along the way. More   date: January 2011
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Amazon River City Take A Ferry East Or West - Manaus

 » photoset (80 photos) « I came to Manaus on a 12hr bus journey from Boa Vista in the north. I planned to stay a few days, have a look around and decide whether to go east downstream on the Amazon River to Belem on the coast or west upstream back to Colombia. I stayed in a hostel in the center of town on a main street near many of the city's popular sights. More   date: February 2011
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6 Days/6 Nights On The Hammock Deck - Manaus to Tabatinga (Amazon River)

 » photoset (74 photos) « I wanted to get back to Colombia from Manaus on the Amazon River, it is a long 6 night journey upriver but I was looking forward to having an experience that I think many people wonder what it would be like to do. I bought a ticket from down at the port, the cost was $340 Reais which is just over $200USD. More   date: February 2011
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I Made It Back To Colombia - Tabatinga to Leticia (Colombian Border)

 » photoset (8 photos) « 2016: Came through the Brazilian Amazon to get to Colombia from Rio de Janeiro. The Tabatinga passport office was closed when I arrived at Tabatinga Airport in the evening. The passport office is about halfway between Tabatinga Airport and Leticia. The office hours are 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm daily. More   date: February 2011, April 2016
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A Port Town With A Few Points Of Interest - Rio Grande

 » photoset (43 photos) « The reason I decided to visit Rio Grande for a night was because it is roughly halfway between Chuy on the Uruguayan border and Porto Alegre a few hours more north. Basically to get a nights sleep and while I was there - to have a look around. From Chuy across the border to La Victoria took 25mins and from there it took 4hrs 40mins by bus up to Rio Grande. More   date: September 2013
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City Tour, Hospital Visit & A Man Following Me - Porto Alegre

 » photoset (57 photos) « Porto Alegre is an interesting city to explore. I came here not knowing what to expect but I knew there were sights to be seen from photos I had viewed on the internet, it is also recommended in Lonely Planet. I arrived from the city of Rio Grande 4hrs 40mins south. More   date: September 2013
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An Island Of 42 Beaches & Many Things To Do - Florianopolis

 » photoset (50 photos) « I could not have been more fortunate as I travelled by bus 6hrs and 15mins from Porto Alegre up to Florianopolis! During the 30min dinner break, while outside having a smoke I got to talking with a young man in his 20's who was from Florianopolis but lived in Porto Alegre. More   date: September 2013
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Overland From Rivera - Uruguay Border, Livramento to Uriguiana

I entered Brazil from Uruguay in the very south into the dual border city of Santana do Livramento and Rivera but there was no border control and I didn't know I was supposed to find them myself, so I didn't get a stamp in my passport. I spent the night in Livramento in a cheap hotel. More   date: March 2008
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On My Way To The Pantanal - Corumba

 » photoset (60 photos) « I arrived in Corumba from Bolivia on the Death Train in the morning and took a taxi from the border control to the bus terminal which is where a couple of tour operators have offices. After the whole night on the train it was too soon to make a decision about the Pantanal Tour. More   date: May 2009
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Animals and Activities - Pantanal (Wildlife & Wetlands)

 » photoset (22 photos) « The 90 minute bus journey to the entance of the Pantanal park from Corumba saw us pass mountains, trees and a lot of greenery. I was getting a real sense of being in the jungle and started to see a few animals like a jabiru stork and its huge nest in a tree beside the road. More   date: May 2009
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Man Busted With Suitcase Of Cocaine On My Bus - Campo Grande to Foz

This was a 10hr bus journey through the night leaving at 8:30pm from Campo Grande to Foz after visiting the Pantanal forests and grasslands. Halfway through the night the bus stopped at a police checkpoint. They came onboard. I was asleep and a policeman woke me up, he wanted to see everyones passport or ID. More   date: May 2009
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Buy Your Ferry Ticket & Hammock, Alter do Chao Beach - Santarem

 » photoset (47 photos) « My 2nd time in the Amazon started in the city of Santarem, it took me 24hrs to get here from northern Colombia with 2 flights down to Leticia, a motorbike taxi across the border to Tabatinga - Brazil for a flight to Manaus, then a long wait at the airport until the flight to Santarem. More   date: March 2015
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Taking A Boat Or Ferry Trip - Santarem to Belem (Amazon River)

 » photoset (27 photos) « My 2nd time in the Brazilian Amazon started in Santarem and after enjoying the city and surroundings I wanted to head east to Belem. At the Santarem Port I payed $130 Reals (about $40USD) for a ferry ticket. It was to be a 48hr journey with 2 nights sleeping on the crowded but fun hammock deck. More   date: March 2015
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Colonial Gateway To The Amazon Rainforest - Belem

 » photoset (57 photos) « At first glance Belem doesn't look so appealing but in reality it is a very interesting city with many sights and historical buildings to discover around the center. I arrived in Belem at the port after a 43hr Amazon River journey by ferry from Santarem towards the west. More   date: April 2015
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1 Night On The Hammock Deck - Belem to Macapa (Amazon River)

 » photoset (48 photos) « After enjoying several days in Belem, at the main port I bought a ferry ticket to Macapa in the north / west. Although there is an office at the port that sells tickets to Macapa, it was not open. Men sell the tickets from inside and outside the port terminal, but they do not wear any form of identification so I asked a woman at another ticket office if they were legitimate and she said yes they were. More   date: April 2015
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The Must See Attraction Is The Fortress - Macapa

 » photoset (22 photos) « Located in the northern Amazon, Macapa is known as 'the capital of the middle of the world' because the city sits right on the equator. However, apart from the great fortress in the city center beside the Amazon River, it is not much of a capital, it's a shabby place, the equator monument and gardens are not even attractive. More   date: April 2015
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8hrs By Car To Travel 590kms, 12hrs By Bus - Macapa to Oiapoque

 » photoset (19 photos) « The road from Macapa to Oiapoque is about as remote as it gets! It is the most northern road on the east coast of Brazil and it's good for one thing only - getting to and from French Guiana. There used to be flights between these 2 places but no more. More   date: April 2015
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Oyapock River Bridge To French Guiana Is Open (2017) - Oiapoque

 » photoset (21 photos) « Oiapoque is as far north as you can get on the east coast of Brazil and is the border town that sits on one side of the Oyapock River, the other side is French Guiana. I arrived in Oiapoque late one night after a long trip by car from Macapa, the next city southward. More   date: April 2015
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City In The Amazon Basin With Limited Sights - Porto Velho

 » photoset (24 photos) « Not one of the most inspiring cities I've been to in Brazil and doesn't even feel like it has a real center. Porto Velho is located basically in no-mans land some 900kms south-west of Manaus around 4hrs north of the Bolivian border. I flew here from Rio Branco, the closest major city, a 1hr flight, just to have a look. More   date: April 2019