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Itinerary / Routes for Backpacking South America 2015 - Trip 6

Travel Blog about South America - South American Postcard, photos of me all around South America!

"Make a good itinerary and route from maps and research!"

Trip 6 Itinerary cont. (October 2013 - October 2015)

- I lived in Colombia. In March/April 2015 I visited Brazilian Amazon cities, rivers and towns, French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana. It was amazing!

This is an awesome itinerary for traveling the Brazilian Amazon from Colombia and then taking the route north up to the Guyanas. From Bogota - Colombia a 2hr flight will get you to Leticia in the Colombian Amazon. From there you can cross the border to Tabatinga - Brazil and either get on a ferry heading downriver or take a flight to somewhere else to start your journey. My route and itinerary follow the places on the map in a logical order!

Santarem - Brazil
Santarem to Belem (Amazon River) - Brazil
Belem - Brazil
Belem to Macapa (Amazon River) - Brazil
Macapa - Brazil
Macapa to Oiapoque - Brazil
Oiapoque - Brazil
St Georges - French Guiana
Cayenne - French Guiana
Kourou Space Center Museum - French Guiana
St Laurent du Maroni - French Guiana
Albina and the journey to Paramaribo - Suriname
Paramaribo - Suriname
Nickerie - Suriname
South Drain (Suriname) to Moleson Creek to Georgetown - Guyana
Georgetown - Guyana

- Ecuador is one of the hidden gems of South America, it never ceases to amaze me!

(July 2015) This is an itinerary for backpacking some of the places in Ecuador's mountains south of Quito, a beautiful part of the country. Other places could easily be added to it, it's just what I did at the time. There are 2 sections to this trip, the first part overland from Quito down to Cuenca. I flew back up to Quito from there to get to the other places. You could keep going south to Peru instead.

Quito - Ecuador
Ambato - Ecuador
Guaranda journey - Ecuador
Riobamba - Ecuador
Colta Lagoon - Ecuador
Alausi - Ecuador
Cuenca - Ecuador
Pujili - Ecuador
Saquisili Market - Ecuador
Machachi - Ecuador

- I backpacked in Bolivia and northern Argentina for 5 weeks.

(September/October 2015) The aim of this trip was to get from Tacna - Peru through Bolivia to northern Argentina and eventually Buenos Aires. The route taken of course was to see some new places along the way!

The trip from Tacna (Peru) to Desaguadero (Bolivia)
Desaguadero and the Tiahuanaco Ruins - Bolivia
New photos from La Paz - Bolivia
New photos from Cochabamba - Bolivia
New photos from Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Tarija - Bolivia
Bermejo and the border at Aguas Blancas - Bolivia / Argentina
New photos from Salta - Argentina
New photos from Buenos Aires - Argentina
Flew back to New Zealand