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Itinerary / Routes for Backpacking South America 2008, Trips 1 & 2

Travel Blog about South America - South American Postcard, photos of me all around South America!

"Itinerary, there are no rules, just your dreams!"

Trip 1 Itinerary (March - May 2008)

- My first time in South America, didn't know what to expect, couldn't communicate well, partied a lot and had a great travel experience that fueled me for more.

This was my very first itinerary in South America starting in Buenos Aires - Argentina. Of course I was aiming to do some of the best known sights on the gringo trail! From Buenos Aires I wanted basically to get up to Iguazu Falls but I didn't do it directly! I went via Uruguay and up through the corner of Brazil. I could have taken many routes to get from Montevideo to Iguazu so I just found my own by drawing a straight line! From Iguazu west to Salta was a long bus ride overnight. Salta is the perfect place to head north to Bolivia from. The places in Bolivia all follow a natural route of travel heading northward up to Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru. From there I flew south to Chile and then home.

Flew from New Zealand
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Buenos Aires to Montevideo - Uruguay
Montevideo - Uruguay
Rivera - Uruguay
Uruguay Border, Livramento to Uriguiana - Brazil
Posadas - Argentina
Puerto Iguazu & Iguazu Waterfalls - Argentina
Salta - Argentina
Villazon and Argentinian Border - Bolivia
Tupiza - Bolivia
Tupiza via Atocha to Uyuni - Bolivia
Uyuni and the Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats) - Bolivia
La Paz - Bolivia
La Paz to Copacabana - Bolivia
Copacabana - Bolivia
Cusco - Peru
Machu Picchu - Peru
Santiago - Chile
Flew back to New Zealand

Trip 2 Itinerary (July - October 2008)

- Didn't have a solid travel plan for this trip. I just went anywhere, explored and had fun. I became a real traveler the following year.

Again this itinerary starts in Buenos Aires and is made up of traveling from city to city northward through Argentina up to Salta. This time I took a different route up to another part of Bolivia then cut west to Cochabamba and La Paz. From there I had a random idea to go to Colombia so I did (by plane). Most the time in Colombia was on the north coast. From there I flew to Cusco - Peru, then back home again via Chile. The Colombia excursion is not really part of this backpacking itinerary. Just the Argentina and Bolivia parts!

Flew from New Zealand
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rosario - Argentina
Cordoba - Argentina
San Miguel de Tucuman
Salta - Argentina
Argentinian Border, Yacuiba to Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Cochabamba - Bolivia
La Paz - Bolivia
Barranquilla to Santa Marta - Colombia
Santa Marta - Colombia
Taganga - Colombia
Tayrona National Park - Colombia
Cartagena - Colombia
Medellin - Colombia
San Pedro Journeys - Peru
Flew back to New Zealand