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Argentina - Travel Blog & Photos from a Backpacker

Places, Experiences, Info, Tips + 1219 Photos from Argentina

The first thing about Argentina that you may notice are the European influences all around you! The Argentinian people love to eat dinner after 10pm and enjoy partying until dawn. It is a great place for enjoying food, wine and nightlife!

I have been in Argentina many times now, Iguazu Falls twice because it so beautiful there and many other cities. In April 2016 I was in Argentina again, this time in the north/east. Here are my experiences and story.
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Buenos Aires: Lots To See And Do Including La Boca  » photoset (253 photos) «
I arrived in Buenos Aires on my first trip not knowing what to expect apart from tango dancing and cheap steak. After getting a taxi to the San Telmo district knowing there were some hostels there, I found a good one and booked in for 2 nights initially and extended it 2 more nights after a couple of days. More
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Salta to Cafayate: A Beautiful Trip Through The Lerma Valley  » photoset (34 photos) «
From Salta to Cafayate is 183kms, takes 3 and a half hours by bus and costs around $100 pesos. It's a great journey, especially the last 90 minutes through the Quebrada de las Conchas (ravine). The trip through the Lerma Valley (Valle de Lerma) south of Salta passes firstly through open green pastures, crop fields and cow grazing land with mountain ranges in the distance around the towns of Cerrillos and La Merced before crossing the Rio Rosario (river). More
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Cafayate: Lovely Little Town Surrounded By A Scenic Gorge  » photoset (95 photos) «
Cafayate is one of the special places to visit in northern Argentina, a place to get to know it's streets and to explore the amazing ravine/gorge - Quebrada de las Conchas. Cafayate has existed since around 1840 and was mainly developed in the decades after around the wine industry. More
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Resistencia: City of Sculptures, Statues, Museums & Culture  » photoset (58 photos) «
Argentina is a country already full of statues, monuments and busts. Restistencia is a city in the north/east that has taken this factor a step further with 154 works (mainly sculptures) commissioned and scattered throughout its parks, plazas, streets and avenues. More
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Mendoza From Santiago: The Spectacular Trip From Chile Over The Border  » photoset (28 photos) «
This page is the 2nd part of the journey between Santiago Chile and Mendoza. From the top of the mounatins at Cristo Redentor all the way down to Mendoza. See Part 1 for info and photos of the ascent up from Santiago. We crossed from Chile into Argentina, the official border is about 10mins before the passport control building. More
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Mendoza: I Visited An Olive Oil Factory, Wineries & Cheese Factory  » photoset (82 photos) «
Mendoza is the center of winemaking and adventure tourism in Argentina, there is so much you can do here - snow sports, mountain climbing, wine tours, hang gliding, parachuting, kitesurfing, rock climbing, trekking, zipline canopy, horseriding, kayaking, longboarding, rafting and biking to name just a few. More
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San Juan: A Leafy & Clean City With Nice Parks & Friendly Locals  » photoset (84 photos) «
Arriving in San Juan from Mendoza took 2hrs 15mins by bus, it was the morning and I planned to spend the day in the city having a look around and getting to know the place a little. From the bus terminal it's about a 15min walk into the center of town. More
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Cordoba: Little Sister Of Buenos Aires, See The Gothic Church  » photoset (40 photos) «
I have visited Cordoba twice now, it's very much the same as any other Argentine city in the way it looks. In fact, while here I was thinking to myself that I could be in Buenos Aires, Rosario or Salta. Argentinian cities tend to start looking the same after a while with their abundance of statues, monuments and grid pattern streets. More
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Rosario: Pretty Girl Capital But The City Not So Great  » photoset (37 photos) «
Originally I came to Rosario in 2008 for 5 nights but didn't do much outside the city center where I was staying, I visited the bars, clubs and shops mainly. I returned in 2012 to discover much more about Rosario, not all of it appealing. It has been said that Rosario is Argentinas pretty girl capital, this could be true, but I can't say for sure. More
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Santa Fe: Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?  » photoset (23 photos) «
I had heard the famous song called 'Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe' sung by Dionne Warwick when I was a child, at least that's what I thought it was called. When I was in Argentina again in 2012, I decided to visit Santa Fe. I vaguely remembered the melody but not really the words to this song, only the part that goes 'do you know the way to Santa Fe, wo, wo, wo, wo, wo...'. More
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Parana: Enjoy The Afternoon With Locals Beside The River  » photoset (46 photos) «
I spent a great day in Parana after I visited Santa Fe the day before, it's on the eastern side of the Rio Parana 1hr from Santa Fe. Parana is a place I would recommend visiting if you like attractive cities and peaceful walks along the riverfront. I was here on a weekend and there was lots of activity down beside the river, the locals are very lucky. More
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Colon: A Place To Go Camping Beside The River  » photoset (35 photos) «
I came to Colon from Parana 5hrs west and arrived at the bus terminal in the middle of the night, I spent the rest of the night there until the morning. I stored my belongings while I had a walk around town for a few hours before heading across the border to Uruguay later in the day. More
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Salta: A Fun City For Nightlife And Eating Superpanchos  » photoset (198 photos) «
Salta is a special place for me because I have been here many times on my 6 trips, sometimes by default. But I always have fun here, it is the main city in the north of Argentina and is an easy place to get to from the south and east and also the prime place to head north to Bolivia from. More
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Salta to Paso de Jama (Chile Border): Views Of Salt Flats And Rocky Terrains  » photoset (33 photos) «
The journey from Salta to the border of Chile which I have now done 3 times takes at least 5hrs and passes through some amazing terrain in the north-west of the Jujuy province, make sure you do this journey in the day. The bus leaves Salta and heads north through San Salvador de Jujuy and up to Purmamarca on highway 9. More
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La Quiaca and Bolivian Border: The Contrast Couldn't Be More Apparent  » photoset (9 photos) «
La Quiaca is the border town in Argentinas far north at Bolivias border and town Villazon. I have passed through La Quiaca twice now, once in each direction. La Quiaca is 7hrs north from Salta and 4hrs 30mins (289kms) north of Jujuy by bus. Passport control is simple and straight forward in either direction. More
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La Quiaca to Jujuy: Colorful Canyons And Amazing Landscapes  » photoset (37 photos) «
The 4 and a half hour journey from La Quiaca to Jujuy (289kms) is an amazing drive amongst rocky red terrain, colorful canyons and open green valleys and spaces, sometimes quite desolate, but very beautiful. The first main town south after leaving La Quiaca is Abra Pampa founded in 1883. More
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Jujuy: Head North From Here To The Quebrada de Humahuaca  » photoset (34 photos) «
Jujuy is 2hrs 15mins north of Salta and 4hrs 30mins south of the Bolivian border. I visited Jujuy as a stop-off point between these 2 places and to have a look around the city. Jujuy has a similar feel to Salta but is a little shabby around the edges. More
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Posadas: Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump From Paraguay  » photoset (37 photos) «
2016: This was my 3rd time in Posadas, I arrived at 5am after 8hrs on a bus from Concordia southward on the border of Uruguay. I spent the night and had a decent look around town. It's a pleasant city but there is not that much to see, it's a good place for shopping and eating in my opinion. More
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Puerto Iguazu & Iguazu Waterfalls: Amazing National Park And Utterly Beautiful  » photoset (19 photos) «
I have stayed in Puerto Iguazu on 2 occasions and been to the waterfalls both times, it's a very beautiful park. The town center is a nice place with lots of accommodation, restaurants, shops and the bus terminal. There are a couple of ATM machines in town, be careful that the bank called Macro's ATM doesn't eat your card like it did mine. More

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