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Itinerary / Routes for Backpacking South America 2014 - Trip 6

Travel Blog about South America - South American Postcard, photo of me at a lagoon in northern Chile!

"Take a map and make up your own backpacking route!"

Trip 6 Itinerary cont. (October 2013 - October 2015)

- I lived in Colombia. In April until early May 2014 I backpacked for 1 month through some of Chile and Argentina!

Funnily this itinerary for Chile and Argentina starts and ends in Lima although it doesn't have to! The itinerary follows a natural route, one place to the next. From Chile crossing into Argentina then back into Chile. You can stay however long you want in each place and move on when you like, that's the best itinerary!

Lima - Peru
San Pedro de Atacama - Chile
Antofagasta - Chile
La Serena - Chile
Coquimbo - Chile
Santiago - Chile
Valparaiso - Chile
Santiago to Mendoza
Mendoza - Argentina
San Juan - Argentina
Cordoba - Argentina
Salta to Cafayate - Argentina
Cafayate - Argentina
Salta to San Pedro de Atacama
Iquique - Chile
Arica - Chile
Tacna - Peru

- I spent 2-3 weeks backpacking during mid to late August 2014, my 3rd time in Venezuela!

Again I got to Venezuela from Colombia, the same route as the time before - the north coast. The places on this itinerary are in a circle shape from Maracaibo, the route brings you back to Maracaibo at the end.

Maracaibo to Coro - Venezuela
Coro - Venezuela
Adicora, Punto Fijo and Pueblo Nuevo - Venezuela
Morrocoy National Park - Venezuela
Barquisimeto - Venezuela
Acarigua - Venezuela
Barinas - Venezuela
Barinas to Apartaderos - Venezuela
Mucuchies - Venezuela
San Isidro de Apartaderos, Pedregal, La Mucuchache, Cambote - Venezuela
Timotes - Venezuela

Colombia - In November I was in Filandia, Salento and the coffee region around Armenia. I spent 3 nights at Decameron Panaca which was awesome. Afterwards I spent 10 days in Bogota where I went graffiti art and mural hunting and enjoyed the city a lot! After that I spent 5 days in the hot north in Valledupar. I have spent the past several years living in Taganga on Colombia's north coast. During this time I have done many backpacking trips to other countries in South America!

Armenia - Colombia
Salento - Colombia
Valledupar - Colombia
Bogota - Colombia - new photos!