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La Paz to Copacabana, Bolivia - Nice Trip With Views Of The Snowy Mountain & Lake

Bolivia experiences and stories by a backpacker - April 2008 April 2009 September 2011   » View Photoset (19 Photos)

I have travelled this leg in both directions 3 times in all, it is a nice bus journey that includes crossing Lake Titicaca briefly, it takes up to 3hrs. The bus doesn't leave from the main terminal in La Paz, it leaves from up the hill quite a bit, take a taxi there. The bus climbs out of La Paz, the view of the city is awesome, stopping a couple of times at the top of the chasm to pick up more people. The main road out of the La Paz area is busy, dirty and polluted with vehicle fumes, you will see a huge outdoor market on this road on the left side. Gradually getting into the countryside about 60-70kms out of La Paz you will begin to see the lake and beautiful snow-capped mountains also on the left. Around 40 minutes later the bus stops at the lake and drives onto a barge while the passengers head across on a boat to San Pedro de Tiquina, it takes about 15 minutes, there is a small charge for the ride. There will probably be a beggar sitting right by the ticket booth too. In Tiquina I saw a woman with a pet cat on a leash, funny. From there it is a matter of driving around the lake for a while, the views of the islands are great, there are some small communities on the shore. Within 45 minutes you will be winding down the road, passing many coca fields and arriving in Copacabana! If traveling from Copacabana to La Paz, buses leave from the street outside the soccer stadium, buy a ticket at the bus for 15 Bolivianos, not 25 Bolivianos from a ticket agent. From Copacabana it's 151kms to La Paz and 38kms to San Pedro de Tiquina. The views of the lake and snowy mountains are on the right in this direction. In San Pedro de Tiquina there are a couple of monuments, one called Campana del Chaco 1932-1935 and another of an Inca warrior dressed in red with his arms up in the air. After crossing the lake to the other side it becomes San Pablo de Tiquina. There are a couple of monuments on this side also, one to Don Eduardo Avaroa, a hero in the War of the Pacific in 1879. The other monument is to Don Pedro Domingo Murillo (1757-1810), he was the main conspirator and leader of the La Paz uprising on July 16 1809. From San Pablo de Tiquina it is 112kms to La Paz.

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Distances & times (if available) from a point on the journey from La Paz to Copacabana (Bolivia) to:
 A : La Paz - Bolivia 47 kms 47 kms straight distance | 1hr 33mins 1hr 33mins by car (52 kms) | 1hr 51mins 1hr 51mins by bus (52 kms) (52 kms)
 B : Copacabana - Bolivia 64 kms 64 kms straight distance | 2hrs 14mins 2hrs 14mins by car (96 kms) | 2hrs 40mins 2hrs 40mins by bus (96 kms) (96 kms)
 C : Puno to Bolivian Border - Peru 65 kms 65 kms straight distance | 2hrs 30mins 2hrs 30mins by car (107 kms) | 3hrs 3hrs by bus (107 kms) (107 kms)
 D : La Paz to Desaguadero - Bolivia 61 kms 61 kms straight distance | 2hrs 4mins 2hrs 4mins by car (109 kms) | 2hrs 28mins 2hrs 28mins by bus (109 kms) (109 kms)
 E : Puno / Juliaca - Peru 169 kms 169 kms straight distance | 4hrs 29mins 4hrs 29mins by car (231 kms) | 5hrs 22mins 5hrs 22mins by bus (231 kms) (231 kms)
 F : Oruro - Bolivia 236 kms 236 kms straight distance | 4hrs 4hrs by car (267 kms) | 4hrs 48mins 4hrs 48mins by bus (267 kms) (267 kms)
 G : Moquegua to Desaguadero - Peru 276 kms 276 kms straight distance | 6hrs 12mins 6hrs 12mins by car (406 kms) | 7hrs 26mins 7hrs 26mins by bus (406 kms) (406 kms)
 H : Cochabamba - Bolivia 273 kms 273 kms straight distance | 6hrs 46mins 6hrs 46mins by car (411 kms) | 8hrs 7mins 8hrs 7mins by bus (411 kms) (411 kms)
 I : Tacna - Peru 269 kms 269 kms straight distance | 7hrs 18mins 7hrs 18mins by car (439 kms) | 8hrs 45mins 8hrs 45mins by bus (439 kms) (439 kms)
 J : Rurrenabaque - Bolivia 233 kms 233 kms straight distance | 10hrs 23mins 10hrs 23mins by car (470 kms) | 12hrs 27mins 12hrs 27mins by bus (470 kms) (470 kms)
 K : Chile Border to Tacna - Peru 300 kms 300 kms straight distance | 8hrs 8hrs by car (476 kms) | 9hrs 36mins 9hrs 36mins by bus (476 kms) (476 kms)
 L : Arica - Chile 309 kms 309 kms straight distance | 8hrs 25mins 8hrs 25mins by car (530 kms) | 10hrs 6mins 10hrs 6mins by bus (530 kms) (530 kms)
 M : Arequipa - Peru 323 kms 323 kms straight distance | 9hrs 4mins 9hrs 4mins by car (532 kms) | 10hrs 52mins 10hrs 52mins by bus (532 kms) (532 kms)
 N : Camana - Peru 448 kms 448 kms straight distance | 9hrs 53mins 9hrs 53mins by car (665 kms) | 11hrs 51mins 11hrs 51mins by bus (665 kms) (665 kms)
 O : Iquique to Arica to Peru Border - Chile 390 kms 390 kms straight distance | 9hrs 16mins 9hrs 16mins by car (706 kms) | 11hrs 7mins 11hrs 7mins by bus (706 kms) (706 kms)
Driving times are accurate but approximate and are listed in the order of driving distance! Drive times are always affected by weather conditions, the terrain, time of day, altitude, dinner and bathroom stops, animals on the road, protests, a fast or slow bus driver, police checkpoints, border and river crossings, dropping off and picking up passengers etc. These drive times are obtained from Google Maps and are meant as a guide. Note however, times quoted in the main text of this page are exactly as the author experienced it.
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