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Iguazu Falls, Argentina - Amazing National Park & Utterly Beautiful

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Mark Berman, South America backpacker for 10yrs!
I have stayed in Puerto Iguazu on 2 occasions and been to the waterfalls both times, it's a very beautiful park. The town center is a nice
Argentina Photo - Too many litres of falling water for me to count at Iguazu falls.
Too many litres of falling water for me to count at Iguazu falls.
place with lots of accommodation, restaurants, shops and the bus terminal. There are a couple of ATM machines in town, be careful that the bank called Macro's ATM doesn't eat your card like it did mine. On my first time in Puerto Iguazu I stayed in a big hostel with a huge swimming pool, it was like a resort. In the evening they had a bbq and a show featuring Brazilian dancers. The second time I was here, my friend and I came here after the Pantanal and before visiting Paraguay, we stayed in a place in town that had its own kitchen in the room which was great.

How To Get To Iguazu

Not far from town, about 30 minutes on a bus from the terminal is Iguazu National Park, it's about 5 pesos each way. The entry ticket into the park is about 60 pesos (2009). After going into the park, you can either get the train or walk along the 'Green Trail'. The green trail will get you to the same place as where the train is going but you will see more if you walk. Later on everybody takes the train anyway to the 'Devils Throat'. After the green trail there is a choice of the 'Lower Trail' or the 'Upper Trail'. The best way is to do the lower trail first, it's amazing to be at the bottom of some of those waterfalls and see the water crashing down over the rocks. On the lower trail you will see Salto Chico and Salto Dos Hermanas and others, it is a beautiful walk through the forest and over bridges. You will most likely encounter a herd of raccoons
Argentina Photo - A coati at Iguazu.
A coati at Iguazu.
at some point along the path up. On the upper trail there are waterfalls called Salto Bossetti, Salto Eva and Salto Adan. The views from up here are amazing too, the lookouts and walkways are built extremely well and you can see the park at all angles from them. In the river
Argentina Photo - A lookout walkway at Iguazu on the lower trail.
A lookout walkway at Iguazu on the lower trail.
below it is possible to have a tour of the waterfalls in a jet boat, a wild and wet experience.

The Devil's Throat

The end of the upper trail brings you to Estacion Cataratas, the train to take people to the 'Garganta del Diablo' also known as 'The Devils Throat'. It is a fun ride on the train for about 10 minutes out to Estacion Garganta. There is a big map on a board near the walkway entrance to get an idea of where you are and to show you some of the butterflies that are in the area. The bridge views across the water and rocks is one of the best things about the park, we spent 30 minutes enjoying the walk to the main attraction, but you could do it in half that time. The upper river has fish in it that have evolved independantly from the predatory species of fish in the lower river. These fish are unique and smaller than the fish at the bottom of the waterfalls, species such as Moncholo and Mojarras. There are many nice areas along the bridges to
Argentina Photo - A quiet and picturesque 10 - 20 minute walk to Garganta del Diablo at Iguazu.
A quiet and picturesque 10 - 20 minute walk to Garganta del Diablo at Iguazu.
look at the beautiful landscapes and river and try to spot some of those fish. You know you are walking towards something magnificant because all the time the distant rumble and roar of water is getting louder. There were floods here that destroyed a catwalk in 1992, but don't let that put you off! After passing the ruined catwalk, you will begin to see the water gathering from all directions and disappearing over the rocks. The bridge and walkways lead down to absolutely mind-blowing views of Iguazu Falls. The amount of water falling is just mind-boggling and the amount of spray created that is drifting down the river too. On a super hot day, it is great to stand at a certain point on the lookout and get sprayed. From the lookout you can also see across to the other side to Brazil. Foz do Iguacu is more of a panoramic view where as Puerto Iguazu is more up close and personal. It's easy to spend 4-5hrs in this amazing place. I would rate Iguazu Falls as one of the best natural sights that I have seen in South America!


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Distances & times (if available) from Iguazu Falls (Argentina) to:

Map location: Iguazu Falls, Argentina. This place is just amazing, I have been twice to Iguazu in Argentina and also on the other side in Foz - Brazil, don't miss it!
 A : Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil 11 kms 11 kms straight distance | 53mins 53mins by car (25 kms) | 1hr 3mins 1hr 3mins by bus (25 kms) (25 kms)
 B : Ciudad del Este - Paraguay 25 kms 25 kms straight distance | 1hr 6mins 1hr 6mins by car (39 kms) | 1hr 19mins 1hr 19mins by bus (39 kms) (39 kms)
 C : Ciudad del Este to Ybycui - Paraguay 146 kms 146 kms straight distance | 2hrs 55mins 2hrs 55mins by car (169 kms) | 3hrs 30mins 3hrs 30mins by bus (169 kms) (169 kms)
 D : Oviedo to Villarrica - Paraguay 185 kms 185 kms straight distance | 3hrs 41mins 3hrs 41mins by car (228 kms) | 4hrs 25mins 4hrs 25mins by bus (228 kms) (228 kms)
 E : Villarrica - Paraguay 192 kms 192 kms straight distance | 4hrs 17mins 4hrs 17mins by car (247 kms) | 5hrs 8mins 5hrs 8mins by bus (247 kms) (247 kms)
 F : Encarnacion & the Jesuit Ruins - Paraguay 235 kms 235 kms straight distance | 4hrs 44mins 4hrs 44mins by car (296 kms) | 5hrs 40mins 5hrs 40mins by bus (296 kms) (296 kms)
 G : Posadas - Argentina 241 kms 241 kms straight distance | 4hrs 51mins 4hrs 51mins by car (297 kms) | 5hrs 49mins 5hrs 49mins by bus (297 kms) (297 kms)
 H : San Bernardino & Caacupe - Paraguay 269 kms 269 kms straight distance | 4hrs 58mins 4hrs 58mins by car (305 kms) | 5hrs 57mins 5hrs 57mins by bus (305 kms) (305 kms)
 I : Aregua & Itaugua - Paraguay 286 kms 286 kms straight distance | 5hrs 27mins 5hrs 27mins by car (329 kms) | 6hrs 32mins 6hrs 32mins by bus (329 kms) (329 kms)
 J : Paraguari - Paraguay 251 kms 251 kms straight distance | 5hrs 20mins 5hrs 20mins by car (337 kms) | 6hrs 24mins 6hrs 24mins by bus (337 kms) (337 kms)
 K : Ybycui & Ybycui National Park - Paraguay 247 kms 247 kms straight distance | 5hrs 23mins 5hrs 23mins by car (342 kms) | 6hrs 27mins 6hrs 27mins by bus (342 kms) (342 kms)
 L : Asuncion - Paraguay 309 kms 309 kms straight distance | 6hrs 23mins 6hrs 23mins by car (358 kms) | 7hrs 39mins 7hrs 39mins by bus (358 kms) (358 kms)
 M : Encarnacion to Paraguari - Paraguay 280 kms 280 kms straight distance | 6hrs 21mins 6hrs 21mins by car (445 kms) | 7hrs 37mins 7hrs 37mins by bus (445 kms) (445 kms)
 N : Campo Grande to Foz - Brazil 377 kms 377 kms straight distance | 7hrs 25mins 7hrs 25mins by car (511 kms) | 8hrs 54mins 8hrs 54mins by bus (511 kms) (511 kms)
 O : Concepcion - Paraguay 379 kms 379 kms straight distance | 8hrs 37mins 8hrs 37mins by car (614 kms) | 10hrs 20mins 10hrs 20mins by bus (614 kms) (614 kms)
Driving times are accurate but approximate and are listed in the order of driving distance! Drive times are always affected by weather conditions, the terrain, time of day, altitude, dinner and bathroom stops, animals on the road, protests, a fast or slow bus driver, police checkpoints, border and river crossings, dropping off and picking up passengers etc. These drive times are obtained from Google Maps and are meant as a guide. Note however, times quoted in the main text of this page are exactly as the author experienced it.

My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Iguazu Falls, Argentina:

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Falls, Iguazu, Argentina - Large Photo
The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Falls, Iguazu, Argentina (Mar 2008 - 5 nights) - An awesome hostel, very flash, computers, table tennis, meeting area, dj, food and drink, huge pool, palm trees, lots of people and great social fun, food and dancing shows at night time!
Hostel Anahi, Iguazu, Argentina - Large Photo
Hostel Anahi, Iguazu, Argentina (May 2009 - 2 nights) - Good room with its own kitchen built in at a good price, but the bed had bugs and the people next door decided to have a party in the middle of the night, so did not get a great sleep.


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Iguazu Falls, Argentina - Amazing National Park & Utterly Beautiful. This place is just amazing, I have been twice to Iguazu in Argentina and also on the other side in Foz - Brazil, don't miss it!

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