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Ostinatto Hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Review

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Ostinatto Hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ostinatto Hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Mar 2008 - 4 nights, Oct 2008 - 6 nights, May 2012 - 2 nights). This hostel is always nice, clean and with friendly and helpful staff and it is in a great location in the San Telmo district. They have bicycles that you can rent to ride around and explore the big city, a great kitchen and dining area with balconies overlooking the street which is a good social area as well, there is a TV and video area with beanbags and a couch downstairs. The hostel is kept clean by several ladies each day. In 2012 when I stayed here it wasn't that great due to the noise and echo throughout the place and people slamming doors. They need to do something about the echo! Book Ostinatto Hostel Online.
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