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Puerto Chacabuco to Quellon, Chile - Ferry Through The Fjords

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Map location: Puerto Chacabuco to Quellon, Chile
Map location: Puerto Chacabuco to Quellon, Chile - Click for South America Photo Map app.
Chile travel blog by Mark Berman - October 2017   » View Photoset (21 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for over 12yrs!
This journey was an opportunity for me to travel by ferry through the fjords of southern Chile! The weather wasn't great being late October but the ferry was near empty for most of the trip meaning you could enjoy it in extreme comfort and use 3 or 4 seats as your bed. I imagine at peak season you would be sitting there cramped up like you do on an airplane and for 32hrs too! I enjoyed it very much despite the weather, there was a good crowd of people onboard and it was like a large family and we were all on this journey together!

Ferry Journey & Port Stops

I made my way from Coyhaique to Puerto Chacabuco via Puerto Aysen which takes 90mins by bus. I made sure I would be there hours early so as not to miss the boat. I bought my ticket online beforehand from Navier Austral for a price of $27USD which is good as it used up 2 nights and I saved having to pay a hotel. I arrived at 3pm, we embarked at 6.30pm and we left Puerto Chacabuco at 8pm stopping at Puerto Gaviota during the night and making our 2nd stop at Puerto Cisnes at 6am. Our next port would be Puerto Gala which we arrived at 11.15am. During this day we made other port stops in Melimoyu and Puerto Raul Marin Balmaceda before reaching our final stop before Quellon which was Melinka at 10pm. We arrived at our final destination of Quellon on Chiloe Island at 4am. The ferry was huge and carried passengers, cargo and vehicles. The cafe provided a good range of food for reasonable prices but I also had a good supply of my own food and water too! Of course it's not quite as bad as an airplane because you can get up and walk around - inside, outside, frontside, backside or any side you like! The port stops are good fun - people and vehicles disembark and others board. I made a point of having my small backpack with my valuables inside on me at all times! I had good periods of sleep laying across the seats as did pretty much everybody onboard. Some people had foam mattresses with sleeping bags layed out on the floor. Even with the heavy cloud and rain throughout the journey there was at times some quite stunning views of the green fjords and snow-capped mountains all around us. I look forward to one day coming back and doing another ferry journey here in the summertime! In Quellon I waited until the first bus of the day at 6am for the 90min ride to Castro.


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Puerto Chacabuco to Quellon, Chile - Ferry Through The Fjords. Ferry through the fjords in the south from Puerto Chacabuco to Quellon on Chiloe Island stopping at various ports along the way.