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Eco Hostel, Temuco, Chile - Review

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Eco Hostel, Temuco, Chile
Eco Hostel, Temuco, Chile (October 2017 - 1 night). Speaking from just my own experience! After over 20hrs of traveling from Colombia, airports, planes, hotels etc I arrived in Temuco and paid for a room at this hostel, $15000 pesos ($23USD). Private room, shared bathroom. I had to make my own curtain out of the bedspread and tape it up with thick cellotape. I was so tired I went to sleep during the day very quickly. When I awoke I realised that my whole bed stunk of cat urine, it was unbearable. I quickly changed to the other bed in the room and informed the staff about the problem. I left Temuco pretty quickly, it was raining and the room wasn't so inviting!
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