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Hotel Ket Tai, Cayenne, French Guiana - Review

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Hotel Ket Tai, Cayenne, French Guiana
Hotel Ket Tai, Cayenne, French Guiana (April 2015 - 2 nights). Located very close to the center but without the crazy high prices of the other hotels located in the very center. $49 euros for 1 person or $59 euros for 2 people, that's more than half the price of the flash hotels in the very center. My room was very comfortable with air-con, tv, double bed and bathroom with hot water. The hotel has wifi but it mostly works only in the foyer but you can get a room with a hotspot like I did. They charge $2 euros for an hour of internet, but you can log on and off and use the hour in your own time. I really liked the Asian couple who run the hotel, they were very nice, helpful, friendly and funny. I can recommend Hotel Ket Tai because of the price in an expensive city and country. You will be hard-pressed to find anything better or cheaper in the center of Cayenne!
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