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Posada Turistica Don Antonio, Coro, Venezuela - Review

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Posada Turistica Don Antonio, Coro, Venezuela
(December 2010 - 2 nights, August 2014 - 2 nights) One of the cheapest places I could find in Coro and very nice too, a spacious room with clean and modern bathroom and tv. There is an internet cafe in the front office area but costs money. In the center of the historic area. The posada has a big courtyard and there is a kitchen available to use but it is quite under-equiped. This is a very popular posada in Coro. In 2014 I payed $600 Bolivares for a matrimonial room with aircon. The room was upstairs right down the end in the far corner but the wifi didn't reach that far. Hey Don, buy another wifi router for the rooms at the end! Read about Coro.

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