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Ikandire Residencial, Santa Cruz, Bolivia - Review

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Ikandire Residencial, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Ikandire Residencial, Santa Cruz, Bolivia (September 2015 - 0 nights). I went to much trouble to make a reservation at Ikandire Residencial the day before arriving in Santa Cruz only to find that on arrival they knew nothing about it! Turned out they have 2 hostels with exactly the same name, they are not even called Ikandire Residencial 1 and Ikandire Residencial 2, how confusing. 1 is located in the center, the other many blocks away in a dangerous and ugly part of the city. The women owner who made the booking didn't even bother telling me the correct address and didn't accept responsibility for the problem. After walking from the central hostel where I thought I would be staying to the ugly one, I gave her some strong words and left without even staying. I suggest you don't bother with this place at all, it's a waste of time and energy. Not recommended!
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