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Hostal Sleep, La Paz, Bolivia - Review

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Hostal Sleep, La Paz, Bolivia
Hostal Sleep, La Paz, Bolivia (Oct 2011 - 29 nights, September 2015 - 3 nights). The best place I have ever stayed in La Paz, that's why I stayed for a month here in 2011. Room for 2 with bathroom and cable tv, $10USD per night, friendly staff at reception, the room was cleaned once or twice a week. We had a view over the street in the middle of the city. Recommended. The address is Calle Murillo 727 between Graneros and Santa Cruz. In 2015 I stayed here again but it wasn't quite the same as in 2011, maybe it was the room, I'm not sure, but it was still OK. Cheap, but not nasty!
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