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Festivals and Holidays in Bolivia

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Month Date When Festival Location
January 24 --- Alasitas La Paz
February --- Runs in parallel with the Rio Carnival La Diablada Carnival Oruro
February 2 --- Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria Copacabana
February 14 --- Carnavales Oruro
March --- Second Sunday in March Pujllay Tarabuco
April/May --- Every 2 years The Baroque Music Festival Chiquitos
May/June --- Late May or early June Senor del Gran Poder (Feast Day of the Almighty Lord) La Paz
August --- Late August Ch'utillos Potosi
August 6 --- Independence Day National
August 15 - 18 --- Virgen de Urcupina Cochabamba
September --- First week of September San Roque Tarija
September --- First week of September Virgen de Guadalupe Sucre