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South America Videos and Playlist

Argentina Videos
Buenos Aires Dog Walker Walks 8 Dogs
There are many dogs in Buenos Aires that need to be walked during the day while their owners are at work, it is common to see groups of 8 - 10 dogs being walked in the streets and parks. It is important to keep your eyes open for obstacles left on the footpaths whilst walking around Buenos Aires.
Iguazu Falls Giganta del Diablo aka The Devil's Throat
I still think that Iguazu National Park and Falls in Puerto Iguazu is one of the highlights of South America, having been there twice now, I would keenly see this beautiful place again. The Brazilian side gives you more of a panoramic view where as the Argentinian side gets you more up close and personal. After walking the lower and upper trails, catch the train to the Giganta del Diablo station for a tranquil 10 minute walk to view the amazing Devil's Throat!
Drummers at the Farmer's Strike in Salta 2008
Huge marches and fanfare in Salta during the farmers strike in 2008, a group of about 10 drummers are gathered in a circle and create a giant rhythm before the marches through the streets begin.
Puppets on the Balconies in La Boca
La Boca in Buenos Aires, home of the colored houses and lifesize puppets standing on balconies that look down upon thee whilst waving to me, is it real or is it fake, I'm not sure but it certainly is tourist central and a half, where people come at you from all directions to get you to buy something, paintings, photos with tango dancers, postcards, come eat at my restaurant etc. There are only 1 or 2 streets with colored houses in a small area, it's entertaining.

Bolivia Videos
The Town of Atocha between Tupiza & Uyuni
Halfway between Tupiza and Uyuni is the town of Atocha, there are few trees and much rock, there is a huge water reserve there. The journey by jeep took 8 - 10 hours, including a stop at Atocha for a couple of hours, we got 2 flat tyres along the way, the driver got the first one fixed in Atocha. It was an amazing journey through the barren and bleak terrain.
Views of Lake Titicaca in Copacabana from Cerro Calvario
The climb up Cerro Calvario in Copacabana is well worth it once you get to the top, although you will feel the effects of the altitude as you ascend nearly 150 meters to close to 4000 meters above sea level. The stone pathway takes you past many shrines and crosses with a viewing platform halfway up by the Jesus shrine. Conyinue to the top and the views over Lake Titicaca and Copacabana are absolutely amazing, especially at sunset.
Kids Swarm the Death Train Selling Food
It is normal on buses and trains when traveling through small towns and villages for the locals to bring food aboard to sell to the people. This is filmed between Santa Cruz and Quijarro near the border of Brazil on the so-called Death Train (Ferroviaria Oriental) as I headed to Corumba and the Pantanal, some of the children that come onboard the train had never seen a camera before.
A Quartet of Buskers Play in La Paz
A group of mostly blind buskers play in the street in La Paz, 2 guitars, an accordian and a woman singing and playing percussion, I made a donation into their orange bucket before I filmed them.
Walking Through Markets in La Paz
It is either brave or stupid to have a camera out in the open for too long in La Paz, but I decided to go for it and walk from the bridge up hill through the narrow inside market area of Mercado Lanza with its stalls selling all kinds of things including clothing, bags, electronics, hardware, soft toys, ornaments and food. At the beginning of the video I walk between 2 fully balaclava covered shoeshine boys as they walk towards me.
Protests and Scenes in the La Paz Streets
You could be standing anywhere in La Paz and suddenly a protest or march will appear out of nowhere, it's always an exciting spectacle to see and usually involves the letting off of fireworks. If you really want to see this in full bloom, be in La Paz on May 1st when every street is full of people with banners and noise.
Walking Through the Salt Hotel in the Salar de Uyuni
In the Salar de Uyuni is the old Salt Hotel which I believe is now just for show, the tours stop here for lunch. The whole place is made of salt bricks as well as the tables and chairs, beds, clock and many statues inside. Although we didn't stay here, the place we did stay at also had salt beds and floors.
The Tropical Plaza in Santa Cruz
Possibly the most beautiful thing in Santa Cruz is the central plaza with its tropical flavour, apart from that I find Santa Cruz rather unattractive, although as legend has it Santa Cruz is the attractive peoples capital of Bolivia.
A Parade of Children in Uyuni
I arrived in Uyuni to go on a tour of the Salar de Uyuni on a friday evening, next morning while waiting to head out to the worlds biggest salt flats, the town suddenly came alive with this parade featuring a military band and hundreds of children dressed up in all kinds of costumes including the national soccer team, balloons, cavemen, mickey mouse, barney, shower caps, witches, pirates, cowboys and traditional dress.
La Paz May Day Protests 2009
I happened to be in La Paz on May 1st to witness the whole city full of marches and protests in the streets, what an amazing atmosphere, people chanting, carrying banners and letting off fireworks, speeches and music around the main plaza. When it comes to street marches, the Bolivian people are very passionate.

Brazil Videos
Vultures, Caimen & 1000's of Parakeets in the Pantanal
Footage of some Turkey Vultures finishing off the bait we left on the bank after we went fishing for Piranha, Caimen submerged and crawling through a muddy swampy area and 1000's of Parakeets flying overhead which was quite a spectacle.
Riding on Motorbike-Taxis in Corumba
Cheaper than taxis are the motorbike-taxis for getting around in Corumba, from the bus terminal where you can book Pantanal tours to the center of town is 2 - 3 minutes and a hell of a lot of fun, go in pairs for even more excitement as you race alongside each other!
Santa Clara Farm in the Pantanal
In the Pantanal we stayed for 3 days at Santa Clara Farm and from here did various activities including piranha fishing, horse-riding, jungle walking, swimming and wildlife spotting. The farm runs very smoothly, we eat in the main dining room buffet style, share small dorms with their own bathrooms, there is a games room, bar, swimming pool, outdoor hammock room and mini soccer pitch. It is a fantastic experience.

Chile Videos
Walking Around the Streets of Calama
Walking through the streets of Calama, music playing everywhere and people busy shopping and going about their business, I go past a fountain and monument of a man with a drill which is in reference to the copper mine just north of Calama called 'Chuqui', tours are available. Calama is a nice place to spend a night or 2 while passing through the El Loa Province in the north, it's at an altitude of 2400 meters in the Atacama Desert.
Peruvian Traders at the Arica Bus Terminal
Many traders from Peru cross the border each day to Arica in northern Chile to sell goods, mainly clothing, the difference in Peru and Chile prices is a lot so these goods will be very cheap to the people of Chile. At the end of the day the Arica bus terminal is full of traders folding and packing up all the clothing to take back into Peru, there were cloths and people everywhere. The Arica bus terminal doubles as a co-op taxi stand for travelers wanting to get between Arica and Tacna in southern Peru, which is what I did.

Colombia Videos
Riding Motorbikes Through the Streets of Santa Marta
I met some guys at a hostel in Taganga who were traveling South America on motorbikes, we headed into Santa Marta and rode around the streets looking for ATM's, past a church and along the seafront past the huge temperature guage which usually reads in the mid 30's. There is also a video of us riding around Taganga.
The Fishing Village, Coast and Beach of Taganga
Taganga, the place for cheap diving courses and the location to get a boat to Tayrona National Park which is 40 minutes away and much quicker and easier than trekking there. Taganga is a great place to relax for a few days, there are some good hostels and the beachfront has cheap outdoor restaurants that serve fish caught by the locals, pizza, soups. rice, salad and crepes. Its a lazy old place and the people here are very nice.
Riding Around Taganga on Motorbikes
Riding through Taganga on motorbikes looking for the place that sells nice hot bbq meat rolls, I can't remember the name of the joint, but we start off at Divanga Hostel and head down the rough washed out roads to nearer the beach, by a few shops, past goats, stop and have a chat and then double back up to opposite the soccer field that you see on the right hand side. These bbq rolls are really worth tasting when you are here! Taganga is surrounded by lush green hills as you see in the video, enjoy the ride, there is also a video of us in Santa Marta on the motorbikes.
The Beautiful Beach, Trees and Boulders of Tayrona
Arrived in Tayrona with friends by boat from Taganga for a few days swimming, climbing boulders, sunshine, food and fun and sleeping in hammocks in the outdoor hammock shelter. The hammock shelter on top of the hill in the video is harder to get a bed in, but I guess that depends on who your best friend at the time is or if you are quick or lucky enough! For a night in the hammock room it cost around 12 Colombian Pesos, there is a restaurant next to the beach and the locals enjoy a party.
Taganga to Tayrona by Boat
Ask around at the fishing village/beach in Taganga for a boat to take you to Tayrona Nacional Parque which only takes about 40 minutes and doesn't cost much, it's much more fun and easier than hiking through the bush, there are boats going out and coming back almost daily, it's best when it's not too rough, although being so hot here it's pretty nice to get sprayed with water during the journey!

Ecuador Videos
Walking Across the Bridge from Macara into Peru
I made my way through the mid-south of Ecuador to the southern town of Macara to get back into Peru. I spent the night in Macara at a budget hotel and got a taxi the next morning a short distance to the bridge and migrations to exit Ecuador. Co-op taxis will take you from the Peru side to Sullana, 90 minutes away for about 10 Soles.
Musical Entertainment at Mitad del Mundo
There's lot's for the tourists at Mitad del Mundo apart from standing on the equator and viewing the monuments, there's live music, dancers, the Planetario and the museum that is just outside and up from the entrance gate. Mitad del Mundo is about 30 minutes north of Quito and can be reached by bus and/or taxi.
Walking Around Otavalo Food Market
A walk through the semi-indoor food market in Otavalo where they sell all kinds of vegetables and fruit, meat, herbs, spices, powders, bread, seeds and grains. Locals enjoy sitting down for hot food, mainly pork, in the area.
Otavalo Animal Market Street Scenes
Out in the streets after the animal market early in the morning in Otavalo, the locals have bought their chickens and guinea pigs, proudly shown them off to their friends, then carry them home. It is a very festive occasion on saturday in Otavalo, the whole town's streets become huge markets, this tradition dates back hundred's of years.
Views of Quilotoa Laguna
In the heart of the Quilotoa Loop is Quilotoa Laguna, I got a bus here from Latacunga via Zumbahua through the most beautiful countryside, spent the night in a hostal at Quilotoa run by an indigenous family, it's cold up there at 3900 meters at night. The walk down to the lagoon is fairly treacherous, there is a path but it's very rough, but it's fun, down by the lagoon there are paddle boats that you can hire, the are also small horses you can hire to take you back to the top of the rim, costs about $5usd, the horses are a little stubborn and like to take a lot of rests but it's better than walking up!

Paraguay Videos
Across the Bridge From Asuncion to Argentina
After the 5 day visa I had for Paraguay ran out it was time to leave, while going through migrations I saw a list of all foriengers inside the country and mine was crossed off as I left, it would be nice if Paraguay would give us a longer time there and not charge $50usd for a visa, but I guess they have reasons, it's a beautiful country. The bus leaves Asuncion and heads across the River Paraguay to Argentina on the way south to Corrientes.
The Busy Streets of Ciudad del Este
The busy streets of Ciudad del Este on a saturday morning, the hustle and bustle of traffic, motorbikes, people shopping and carrying boxes aloft across the streets, where men hand out cards for stereo and camera shops, where men selling small packets of table salt lurk, where colored umbrellas, goods and peoples clothing dot the landscape. If you like to shop come to Ciudad del Este!

Peru Videos
Buggy Ride in the Sand Dunes of Huacachina
Leaving Huacachina oasis in the dune buggy and heading up some of the worlds largest sand dunes to go sandboarding near Ica. It cost around 55 Soles to be taken up for a few hours which is enough because of the temperature of the sand up there, don't wear jandels, they tend to break while sandboarding. Afterwards, make your way towards a swimming pool and beer.
Isla Ballestas and Seal Colony
Known as the 'poor mans Galapagos', but only because it is around $25usd for a fantastic tour of the Isla Ballestas and Paracas National Park in Pisco, it is so close to the mainland. A major migration spot for birdlife, penguins and seals, the red stoney beach has a huge seal colony with so much noise. Our guides were very informative and spoke good english, I recommend a trip here, it's 3hrs south of Lima.
The Aqueducts of Nazca
The Aqueducts found in Nazca are still in use today, there are about 20 of them in a 'Y' shape, they start off small but when they divide into the 2 forks they get bigger and bigger. I walk down and down and round and round the stoney path until I hit that beautiful water, which I did taste and it was great.
Paracas Nacional Parque Desert & Coast
After the boat trip out to Isla Ballestas we visited the Paracas desert where we found fossils and piles of shells in the windswept sand and viewed the coast from various positions throughout the park. We had lunch at a restaurant and beach area and climbed a hill for great views over the fishing village. Later in the day we visited the museum where there is a lot of information about conservation of the natural habitat. Paracas was hit by a tsunami after the earthquake in Pisco in 2007, there are a few boats still washed up miles inland.
The Corridors and Open Spaces of Chan Chan
The ancient city of Chan Chan located in Trujillo is made of adobe brick and was built by the Chimu civilization around AD 850. It is full of long corridors and wide open areas aswell as amazing designs on the low walls. The whole place has a windswept rounded smoothness to it, the wind and rain has caused much damage over time. I visited Chan Chan as part of a 4 site ticket.
Taxi Ride Through Streets of Sullana
From the border of Ecuador at Macara I came south in a co-op taxi on a speedy 90 minute ride to Sullana to go to the bus terminal for a short 30 minute ride to Piura, then a bus to Chiclayo, then another to Trujillo, all in 1 day, it was a long and hectic days travel! Here we are in Sullana driving through the crazy streets full of mototaxis and free for all driving going in all directions, the taxi driver told me to pull my camera inside, he thought someone might grab it.
Dune Buggy and Sandboarding at Huacachina
Dune buggy at Huacachina burning up and down the sand dunes much to the passengers delight while my group sandboards nearby on slopes that were getting gradually steeper and longer, in the video a guy surfs down the slope on his stomach which is great fun, trying to sandboard standing up is not as easy as you may think.
Dancing in Plaza de Armas Cusco
Both times I have been in Cusco there have been celebrations and parades in the city, they are always colorful and musical occasions and are great to watch. In the Plaza de Armas surrounded by the cathedral and church is a great dancing performance by men and women with live music of drums and pipe whistles, the reverberation from the surrounding stone surfaces create a nice ambience.

Uruguay Videos
On the Border of Uruguay & Brazil
I am in Rivera in Uruguay on the north border and Santana do Livramento in Brazil, it's a dual border town where the residents can cross freely from one side to the other, which is exactly what I did because there was no border control. Rivera has lot's of duty free shops, hot-dog stands and a statue of Artigas (the National Hero).
People Waltzing in the Street of Montevideo
I was walking around Montevideo on a friday evening and was surprised to come across lots of people waltzing to music on the sidewalk, there was a gathering of people around watching them, it was quite an eye-opener, I hadn't seen this anywhere before, this is possibly a common thing in Montevideo on a friday evening, don't miss it!
Antiques Market in Montevideo
Near the cathedral in Montevideo by the fountain is the antiques market with tables set out displaying many old and exotic items, jewelry, rocks and stones, mate tea drinking ware, paintings, dolls and china.

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