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Filadelfia, Paraguay - Where Is Filadelfia?

Paraguay travel blog by Mark Berman - June 2012   » View Photoset (21 Photos)

Mark Berman, South America backpacker for 10yrs!
There is nothing to see or do in Filadelfia. Unless you are a Mennonite, want to be a Mennonite or have friends who are Mennonites, there is
Paraguay Photo - Tractors, bulldozers and trucks for sale in Filadelfia.
Tractors, bulldozers and trucks for sale in Filadelfia.
no reason to come here. It's a ghost town, it has no center, it is an empty place with no attractions. After I read the Lonely Planet it sounded like a destination I should visit, but in reality it is about the loneliest place on the planet.

Where Is Filadelfia?

Filadelfia is off the beaten track and is located in northern Paraguay in the middle of the Gran Chaco. The reason it is so off the beaten track is because that is what the people who live here want - they don't want people coming here. The local Paraguayans are friendly but the Mennonites are not really.

Around Town

After arriving in the early afternoon from Asuncion which took 8 and a half hours by bus - I found a bed for the night which wasn't exactly priced for backpackers, what choice did I have, none. The supermarket was not open because it was Sunday so that night I had to eat at an expensive restaurant. During the afternoon I walked around the endless ugly blocks and dirt roads trying to find something worth seeing. I didn't have any luck finding
Paraguay Photo - The main road leading in to Filadelfia.
The main road leading in to Filadelfia.
anything. There are a couple of extremely ugly monuments, just concrete things with no life or soul. I saw a church called Parroquia San Eugenio de Mazenod-Filadelfia, it's nothing special to look at and sits in the middle of a dirt carpark. The local Paraguayans were playing soccer on a field next to it. I walked for a long time to find another church called M.B.G. Filadelfia. It was slightly more attractive but hardly worth the bother to find. I came to a park called Parque de la Memoria, it has some flower gardens, some nice trees and an old horse pulled carriage sitting in the middle. This was about the nicest place I saw in Filadelfia but the time at the park was ruined because a Mennonite woman was looking after the place and watching my girlfriend and I like a hawk to make sure we didn't touch, do or steal anything. When we tried to step
Paraguay Photo - Parroquia San Eugenio de Mazenod-Filadelfia in Filadelfia.
Parroquia San Eugenio de Mazenod-Filadelfia in Filadelfia.
off the path to take a photo of some flowers, she quickly said that we couldn't do that. We felt quite unwelcome by then and left rapidly. Near to the park is a museum called Koloniehaus - Museo de la Colonia Heimatmuseum or just Jakob Unger Museum, it was closed and I wasn't that interested anyway. Apparently it is full of stuffed animals.

Bus 7hrs to Concepcion

Next morning I left town to go to Concepcion, there is 1 bus daily that leaves at around 11am. It takes 7hrs via Pozo Colorado. Check out the photos I took while in Filadelfia and see for yourself how uninspiring it really is. I love Paraguay but sorry, Filadelfia was the worst destination decision of all my South American travels so far.


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Distances & times (if available) from Filadelfia (Paraguay) to:

Map location: Filadelfia, Paraguay. Filadelfia is the home of the Mennonite community, here they farm and live off the land. There is really no town to see, it's all dirt roads!
 A : Gran Chaco - Paraguay 181 kms 181 kms straight distance | 2hrs 43mins 2hrs 43mins by car (194 kms) | 3hrs 15mins 3hrs 15mins by bus (194 kms) (194 kms)
 B : Gran Chaco to Santa Cruz - Bolivia 310 kms 310 kms straight distance | 5hrs 4mins 5hrs 4mins by car (341 kms) | 6hrs 4mins 6hrs 4mins by bus (341 kms) (341 kms)
 C : Concepcion - Paraguay 291 kms 291 kms straight distance | 4hrs 34mins 4hrs 34mins by car (342 kms) | 5hrs 28mins 5hrs 28mins by bus (342 kms) (342 kms)
 D : Aregua & Itaugua - Paraguay 422 kms 422 kms straight distance | 6hrs 16mins 6hrs 16mins by car (465 kms) | 7hrs 31mins 7hrs 31mins by bus (465 kms) (465 kms)
 E : Asuncion - Paraguay 407 kms 407 kms straight distance | 6hrs 24mins 6hrs 24mins by car (468 kms) | 7hrs 40mins 7hrs 40mins by bus (468 kms) (468 kms)
 F : San Bernardino & Caacupe - Paraguay 439 kms 439 kms straight distance | 6hrs 43mins 6hrs 43mins by car (497 kms) | 8hrs 3mins 8hrs 3mins by bus (497 kms) (497 kms)
 G : Paraguari - Paraguay 489 kms 489 kms straight distance | 8hrs 1min 8hrs 1min by car (564 kms) | 9hrs 37mins 9hrs 37mins by bus (564 kms) (564 kms)
 H : Ybycui & Ybycui National Park - Paraguay 510 kms 510 kms straight distance | 8hrs 13mins 8hrs 13mins by car (580 kms) | 9hrs 51mins 9hrs 51mins by bus (580 kms) (580 kms)
 I : Oviedo to Villarrica - Paraguay 516 kms 516 kms straight distance | 8hrs 19mins 8hrs 19mins by car (597 kms) | 9hrs 58mins 9hrs 58mins by bus (597 kms) (597 kms)
 J : Villarrica - Paraguay 524 kms 524 kms straight distance | 8hrs 39mins 8hrs 39mins by car (605 kms) | 10hrs 22mins 10hrs 22mins by bus (605 kms) (605 kms)
 K : Ciudad del Este to Ybycui - Paraguay 534 kms 534 kms straight distance | 8hrs 43mins 8hrs 43mins by car (623 kms) | 10hrs 27mins 10hrs 27mins by bus (623 kms) (623 kms)
 L : Bermejo & Aguas Blancas Border - Bolivia 442 kms 442 kms straight distance | 10hrs 27mins 10hrs 27mins by car (641 kms) | 12hrs 32mins 12hrs 32mins by bus (641 kms) (641 kms)
 M : Tarija - Bolivia 496 kms 496 kms straight distance | 13hrs 4mins 13hrs 4mins by car (661 kms) | 15hrs 40mins 15hrs 40mins by bus (661 kms) (661 kms)
 N : Santa Cruz to Quijarro on the Death Train - Bolivia 507 kms 507 kms straight distance | 9hrs 56mins 9hrs 56mins by car (690 kms) | 11hrs 55mins 11hrs 55mins by bus (690 kms) (690 kms)
 O : Corumba - Brazil 445 kms 445 kms straight distance | 11hrs 28mins 11hrs 28mins by car (806 kms) | 13hrs 45mins 13hrs 45mins by bus (806 kms) (806 kms)
Driving times are accurate but approximate and are listed in the order of driving distance! Drive times are always affected by weather conditions, the terrain, time of day, altitude, dinner and bathroom stops, animals on the road, protests, a fast or slow bus driver, police checkpoints, border and river crossings, dropping off and picking up passengers etc. These drive times are obtained from Google Maps and are meant as a guide. Note however, times quoted in the main text of this page are exactly as the author experienced it.

My Hostel & Hotel Reviews for Filadelfia, Paraguay:

Hotel Golondrina, Filadelfia, Paraguay - Large Photo
Hotel Golondrina, Filadelfia, Paraguay (June 2012 - 1 night) - Overpriced shoebox of a room with no bathroom. Located near the supermarket and a restaurant. There's not much else around, which pretty much sums up Filadelfia.


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Filadelfia, Paraguay - Where Is Filadelfia?. Filadelfia is the home of the Mennonite community, here they farm and live off the land. There is really no town to see, it's all dirt roads!

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